The day of rainbow families, today in the square in Milan against the government: "Mayors, resist the circulars from the prefects"

The day of rainbow families, today in the square in Milan against the government: "Mayors, resist the circulars from the prefects"

An appeal to disobedience addressed to the mayors of all Italy to ask them to resist the circulars of the prefects and to go ahead, or to begin, to register the children of same-parent couples. With a flash mob: a show of pens to represent the signatures that rainbow parents cannot affix to the registry office and to "give the strength to do it again". This is Milan's response to the block imposed on the Municipality on the registration of the children of two mothers and two fathers.

Stop transcripts of children of gay couples, what changes now for homoparents

by Zita Dazzi

Together with their stories, there will also be these two symbolic moments, this afternoon at 3 pm, in Piazza della Scala. The demonstration, promoted by the Lgbtq+ associations and the Rainbow Families, will see the participation of many politicians and various showbiz exponents, but none of them will speak. Because the spotlight will be on children and not on politics. Which, rather, will have to make a move from tomorrow onwards, "because we need a law on this issue". The need of everyone, from the associations to the mayor Beppe Sala, is aimed at the regulatory vacuum.

And about the government. Yesterday, during the press conference to present the event, Sala did not spare his jabs at Giorgia Meloni and the ministers: "I notice in the government a desire to win big and to pass over the demands of the country and it is wrong", he said, "but winning big in life is never good and what the government is doing now is trying to humiliate those who think differently, to humiliate society". Sala also reiterated that he will not be at the demonstration today because, he specified, also given the presence of the rival procession for Dax, he prefers "to stay in the office or at home to pay attention to what is happening". As for the appeal to disobedience that the associations will launch today to the mayors, Sala said he was willing to evaluate it, in summary, only if there was a large and united front.

Schlein on the children of gay couples: "With the Democratic Party I will be in charge of Milan, it is an attack on rights". Sala: "The left exposes itself on the issue"

by the Milan editorial staff

Also because, as he has said several times, persevering in a solitary battle regardless of the prefect's stoppage would mean giving families false hope: "My concern is that with a signature I give the illusion to a family of resolving the issue, and then afterwards suffering would come if the prosecutor challenged" the registration. Stopping, however, doesn't mean giving up: "I don't regret what I did, I hope we can go on and I'm looking for alliances with national but also international mayors". Finally, Sala said he was concerned about what is becoming "an escalation and it is not clear where it will arrive" in the denial of rights to homoparental families.

Rainbow families, many accessions to the gathering on Saturday in Milan. And the organizers are moving the meeting point: it will be in Piazza Scala

by Miriam Romano

As of today, Luca Paladini explained for the Sentinelli, "a phase of permanent mobilization begins". In the square will be Elly Schlein, secretary of the Democratic Party who was the first of the parties in Milan to promote the initiative, and the secretary of +Europa Riccardo Magi. And again, among the politicians: the Five Star Movement, the Italian Radicals, the Luca Coscioni Association and the Italian Left. Support also came from various faces of the show such as the singer Madame, who said she wanted to be in the square, Tiziano Ferro and Alessandro Cattelan, Nancy Brilly, Roy Paci and Paola Turci. From the stage, set up in front of Palazzo Marino, representatives of the organizers will intervene, moderated by Vladimir Luxuria, but above all the stories of the families who are dealing with the effects of this stop will be given visibility. Effects that Parliament has to deal with: "We need a law, we can't wait any longer", said Alessia Crocini, president of Famiglie Arcobaleno. "We knew very well that this government would not be friends with rainbow families, they never hid it," she added. "But the theme is not ideological, it is a real need".

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by Miriam Romano

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