So the premier tries to tune in with the CGIL people

So the premier tries to tune in with the CGIL people

Without seeking applause, the prime minister proposes a "team game" to the union: beyond the different positions, the good of the country must prevail. And it is also a victory for Landini

Assuming that the CGIL is "the wolf", Giorgia Meloni, participating in the Rimini Congress, demonstrated that she certainly not Little Red Riding Hood. And that he knows very well how to strike the right chords to address the cigiellina audience. Not to receive applause (which in fact he didn't get), but to tune in with what he evidently considers an important interlocutor, from whom he doesn't intend to ignore. Meloni has repeatedly underlined the value of the union, and above all the value of confrontation with the union; but at the same time he defended the government's measures without yielding: from the fiscal delegation, approved just yesterday and "too hastily rejected" (Landini in fact asked for its withdrawal, threatening a strike) to the decision to abolish the basic income, reiterating that "there is only one valid way out of poverty, that of work and economic growth".

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