Introducing Swappie's premium refurbished - 100% battery capacity and no scratches

Introducing Swappie's premium refurbished - 100% battery capacity and no scratches

It is called Premium Series and is a high quality refurbished, with 100% battery capacity and no cosmetic defects. The Norwegians of Swappie, the largest reseller of refurbished iPhones, invented it. The phone shown actually looks perfect. It is sold with a 12-month warranty, guarantees repurchase at the end of use and the awareness that reusing technological products is also good for the environment because it reduces the amount of electronic waste generated following the production of smartphones. Only 1% of mobile phones that are collected become Premium Series. So there won't be that many around, supply side. Prices which are usually on average 30% cheaper than new will be a bit higher in this case.

What does refurbished mean?

Which is not simply a second hand phone that has been factory reset. As they explained during a meeting held in Milan, once collected smartphones are analyzed to understand the state of wear of the components. Swappie collects everything, both Android smartphones and iPhones and reuses everything that can be reused, in other words, nothing is thrown away. In the refurbishment center the vast majority of models have their batteries replaced which on average last three to five years. According to Apple, the capacity of iPhones should last at least 500 full charges before declining to 80%. Be careful, however, since we have named the Cupertino house, it must be explained that Swappie does not use original Apple spare parts and has decided not to join their repair program. What it means? That inside a refurbished iPhone there may be original spare parts taken from other iPhones or third-party spare parts that are still tested before being used. We also remember Apple collects its used and offers refurbished iPhones. The game with the Californian parent company Swappie is played on a lower price.

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