«Intolerant even of political judgement»- Corriere.it

«Intolerant even of political judgement»- Corriere.it

Of Adriana Logroscino

Chaos in the House during the discussion of some motions on the housing emergency. The undersecretary reformulates the premise, the parliamentarian from IV gets furious: «They want to reverse the parliamentary procedure and logic. It goes beyond all limits"

«How dare you modify a political opinion expressed in a motion of the opposition? You have exceeded all limits! It is much better that we find ourselves at a distance or we would risk moving on to an interlocution that is not appropriate for the place in which we find ourselves». Robert Giachetti, long-term parliamentarian, today with Italy alive, is furious. Address these words to Tullio Ferrante
Go Italy, very close to Marta Fascina
at the first experience as a deputy and as an undersecretary to the infrastructures.

The two confront each other in the Chamber, during the question time. Ferrante answered a question on the housing emergency. And he is presenting the government's opinion on some motions presented by the opposition. An opinion that elaborates not only the requests of the motions, but also the political premises. The case, with Giachetti, arises at this point. He intervenes with the tempo of a rather consummate speaker to which he is accustomed. «But how dare you come and modify what I put in the premise, which is my political judgment? You can't do it! It's an insult!

There is only this left, you also take away the freedom to be able to say what we think. You want the single thought!». Giachetti is greeted by vigorous applause from the members of his group.

Ferrante's reactioninevitably less accustomed to parliamentary disputes, is by surprise, first, and then by embarrassment. Giachetti at that point clarified: «I don't intend to take it out on you, but tell whoever sent you here with that bow tie that we have exceeded all limits. I don't know if it's his head of the legislature, his chief of staff, I don't know who dreamed up such a thing, but we've gone mad. I beg you to pass on to whoever sent it with that stuff that it is the last time we can accept such a thing.'

At issue Giachetti, who was vice-president of the Chamber, is "the claim to reverse the parliamentary procedure, now a drift we have been witnessing for years" rather than the specific question of the housing emergency. «Ferrante responded to the motions by rewriting the premises - explains the former vice president of the Chamber - something beyond any logic. Anyone who presents a motion to commit the government in a certain direction also advances criticisms of a political nature in the introduction. In his opinion, the government can intervene on the articulation of the motion, can modify it in the name of the necessary compatibility with the public accounts. But never, until today, had he intervened on the political premise. It's like wanting to rewrite what the other party thinks of you. Who prepares those documents should be clear. And if not for them, it should be for those who read those notes in the Chamber and are personally responsible for them".

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