Kelany (FdI): "The Bossi-Fini is not a totem. You can see it again"

Kelany (FdI): "The Bossi-Fini is not a totem. You can see it again"

"The law is more than twenty years old, a revision is fine. But every intervention will be well thought out", says the deputy of the Brothers of Italy in reply to Tajani. While on the Memorandum with Libya he accuses Schlein: "Agreements are good only when the Democratic Party makes them?"

"The Bossi - Fini is not a totem, it is a law that is now twenty years old, therefore a revision is not out of the question". The deputy of the Brothers of Italy Sara Kelany thus responding to the words of Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani, who today in the Foglio had feared precisely the modification of the law borrowed from the Turco-Napolitano with which the crime of illegal immigration was established in Italy in 2002. "The question is another: why in these twenty years have the numerous left-wing majorities not changed it if they consider it so inadequate? Well, I think it has not been so inadequate", adds the Melonian exponent, responsible for the party of the prime minister of the rights dossier and very active on the issue of immigration. In any case Kelany immediately specifies how any change to a law that remains a "very useful tool", will not be rushed at all, but "well thought out".

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