Here are the dossiers on which Meloni's allies are holding back and electoral promises creak

Here are the dossiers on which Meloni's allies are holding back and electoral promises creak

The locomotive had moved early and arrived earlier than expected at Vittoria station. Everything smooth, without a hitch. We couldn't wait any longer, the carriages were crammed with people anxious to arrive, even if it were an Indian train, and each one carried suitcases overflowing with needs, desires, aspirations and hopes. Vittoria was only the first but decisive stage of a journey in which the convoy of wishes would be transformed into the Blue Arrow of the new Italy. But he soon caught up with the train, too many boulders blocked the tracks, so much so that the engineers had to call in the old railwayman for advice, who knew how the control panel works, which is no longer just domestic. Once it was said that voters choose on the basis of their immediate material interests: taxes, work, pensions, consumption, a universe dominated by the calculation of individual costs and benefits. The flat world, the decline of ideals, liberté, fraternitè, egualité to the nettles together with the books of history as we had known it in the past centuries, all finished under the rubble of the Berlin wall. In short, what was said and written from 1989 up to a year ago when the troops of Tsar Vladimir II violated the Ukraine which was the birthplace of Vladimir I, known as the saint. Where does the train of wishes go in the strong but still inexperienced hands of Giorgia Meloni? Can it go backwards as in "Azzurro", the song written by Paolo Conte and made famous by Adriano Celentano?

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