Not just Month. Because on Europe Meloni risks giving Mattarella sorrows

Not just Month.  Because on Europe Meloni risks giving Mattarella sorrows

The bottleneck on the State-saving Fund is approaching, it's a matter of days. And then seaside resorts, migrants, Macron. On the right they say that "the head of state is ill-advised", they snort because he is "the true leader of the centre-left". But the reality is different: between the prime minister and the Quirinale is the European Union

The dreaded fear, for now, is more than anything else an excess of caution. That the Quirinale can really intervene to stigmatize the government's exasperated hesitations on the Mes, as some ministers fear, does not seem at all obvious. Of course, Sergio Mattarella exercises a surplus of scruple on matters of European importance; of course, he did not miss the inappropriateness of exercising instrumental vetoes by setting himself, Italy alone, in contrast with the other 19 member states. But the choice of times and procedures to follow, that remains a prerogative of the executive and of Parliament: and on that, the head of state will not interfere, even at the cost of enduring a few too many contortions. If anything, that's exactly the problem for Giorgia Meloni. That ambiguities will soon have to fall, even on the Mes. Matter of days.

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