Chiara Appendino replies to Minister Roccella: “Surrogacy is not on the table. Children's rights are at stake today, the M5 is there”

Chiara Appendino replies to Minister Roccella: “Surrogacy is not on the table.  Children's rights are at stake today, the M5 is there”

"Why don't they also demonstrate against the surrogate womb?" asked the Minister of Equal Opportunities, Eugenia Roccella, in the newspaper La Stampa, in view of the demonstration in Milan, entitled "Hands off our sons and daughters", to protest against the blocking of the registration of children born to couples homosexuals. A statement argued during an interview and to which M5S deputy Chiara Appendino replied this morning. «Minister Roccella, commenting on the great demonstration that will be held this afternoon in Milan in support of the transcripts of the children of same-parent couples stopped by the Interior Ministry, finds nothing better to do than ask why we won't demonstrate against surrogate wombs. It's very simple: because the question of surrogacy is not on the table – said Appendino -».

«What is at stake today are the rights of the children of rainbow families put at risk by the ideological fury of the government of which Roccella is a part, which on the one hand blocks virtuous municipalities such as Milan and how Turin was under my administration, when paved the way for transcriptions first in Italy – continues the M5s deputy – she continues -. And on the other it continues to muddy the waters and to tell falsehoods about the EU regulation on parentage, which is a tool to avoid discrimination that does not exist in most European states and which instead continues to occur in Italy thanks to the blindly ideological vision of this government . After reading the latest statements by the minister, it is even more important to demonstrate in large numbers today in Milan. I will be there together with my colleague Alessandra Maiorino who has always fought for these issues. But above all, the 5 Star Movement exists and will always be there».

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The event, promoted by the LGBTQ+ associations and the Rainbow Families, will take place this afternoon at 3 pm in Piazza della Scala. Various national party secretaries will also be present. First of all, the new secretary of the Democratic Party Elly Schlein, but also the new secretary of +Europe, Riccardo Magi. But, not only politicians, also various exponents of the show: none of them will speak. Because the spotlight will be on children and not on politics. Which, rather, will have to make a move from tomorrow onwards, "because we need a law on this issue". The need of everyone, from the associations to the mayor Beppe Sala, is aimed at the regulatory vacuum.

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Yesterday, during the press conference to present the event, Sala did not spare his jabs at Giorgia Meloni and ministers: «I notice in the government a desire to win big and to pass over the demands of the country and it is wrong», he said, «but winning big in life is never good and what the government is doing now is trying to humiliate those who think differently, to humiliate society". Sala also reiterated that he will not be at the demonstration today because, he specified, also given the presence of the rival procession for Dax, he prefers "to stay in the office or at home to pay attention to what is happening". As for the appeal to disobedience that the associations will launch today to the mayors, Sala said he was willing to evaluate it, in summary, only if there was a large and united front.

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