Giambruno and the climate denialist jokes on Tg4: "The heat is not great news after all"

Giambruno and the climate denialist jokes on Tg4: "The heat is not great news after all"

Temperatures above 40 degrees and hailstones like tennis balls, but for Andrew Giambrunoconductor of Rete 4 and companion of the premier Giorgia Meloni, the heat that has been hitting Italy for days "isn't great news after all". As if to say: "In the summer it was always hot". Words that follow the theses trumpeted by climate deniers, this time broadcast live during the daily strip Diary of the day. This is how Giambruno's anti-science show goes on stage: the episode is that of Tuesday 18 July, the guests are the journalist Karima Moual And Vittorio Feltriwhich has long been deployed against the evidence of climate change.

Gianbruno and the editorialist of Free, as well as the municipal councilor of FdI, nudge each other: "Director - the conductor begins - the news, assuming that it is, is that in July it is hot and it will probably snow in December, but according to environmentalists, we citizens are to blame". Feltri's answer: “The ecologists are conformists who talk about record heat, but it has always been like this since the 1980s. I don't care about the heat, I don't suffer it and I don't even sweat”.

“I would listen more to scientists than Vittorio Feltri, who is 80 years old and can remember the summers and winters he has spent but he is not a scientist”, Moual intervenes. The former director of Libero blurts out: "Don't bother me with the history of age...". Giambruno supports the thesis of the journalist and politician FdI: "It has nothing to do with age - he says - that of Feltri is a shareable opinion". Shortly after, however, it is the program correspondent herself who contradicts the opinion that dominates the studio.

Giambruno opens the connection with Scarlett Grandolfo, sent to Bari: "The scientists of the UN IPCC must be right, who study all this and who unfortunately for all of us have confirmed that the heat waves have increased since the 1980s and above all have become much closer together". The presenter does not like the correspondent's statement, but Grandolfo continues by listing the record temperatures reached in the last few days in Italian cities: 42 degrees in Rome, 44 in Taranto. From the studio Giambruno tries to minimize and then launch the service on the heat. The title: "Climate gone crazy or is it just summer?".

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