Pd, Schlein seeks unity with the current of Bonaccini. But from the reformists criticism and a lukewarm reception - Corriere.it

Pd, Schlein seeks unity with the current of Bonaccini.  But from the reformists criticism and a lukewarm reception - Corriere.it

Of Cesare Zapperi

The secretary of the initiative organized by the governor and president of the party. Waiting for Prodi's speech at the People's Energy convention

CESENA - We are all proudly part of the same team. Elly Schlein plays the esprit de corps card to close the speech with which, putting all the possible shared themes on the table (from the minimum wage to public health), she tries to overcome the resistance, if not the polite hostility, of the audience of Popular energy, the area of ​​the Democratic Party (for some a real current) which recognizes itself in Stefano Bonaccini and which met in Cesena for a first real call to arms after the defeat, unexpected for many, in the primaries. The secretary knows she has to work on two fronts: the external one, with the battle against the Meloni government and the center-right coalition, and the internal one, with a minority that even in the heated Cesena Fair he doesn't spare her painful jabs and welcomes her with a very tepid applause.

To those who say that we need to define our profile (Matteo Ricci), that we are not a movement but a party (Elisabetta Gualmini), that radicalism is not maximalism (Valeria Valente), that the defeat in the elections was not an unfortunate episode because the voters hate us and we must find new words to restart the dialogue (Antonio Decaro), the dem leader replies, repeatedly underlining the convergence with Stefano, with the invitation to work on the fronts of the minimum wage, health care and public schools, of the right to housing, of the fight against Calderoli's autonomy, of precariousness. We appreciate the value of our pluralism, while others pursue the model of personal parties underlines Schlein. Bonaccini's response is awaited this morning, but there is great curiosity to hear what Romano Prodi, noble father of the olive tree that someone would like to replant, will say. But facing the entire Democratic Party there are the issues on which to leverage to overturn the balance of power that marked a bloody defeat last September. The centre-left is unusually compact on the minimum wage. Schlein responds with a hard face to Minister Nello Musumeci who had spoken of welfare in the morning.

I don't know what country he lives in. They went from "Italians first" to "exploiters first". There are those in government who speak with great contempt for the working poor. Then there is the post-flood crux, an obviously deeply felt theme in Romagna. The secretary reiterates that the executive has wasted time and points out that the resources allocated are largely insufficient. But yesterday a new front caused by the decision to intervene on the Flood bill, according to the Pd, severely limiting the involvement of local authorities (but the majority deny it). A very serious decision because without the territories the dry judgment of the secretary is wrong and hurts.

At the Energia Popolare assembly together with historical figures of the reformist wing such as Piero Fassino, Emanuele Fiano, Simona Malpezzi, Pina Picierno (and many others, such as Piero De Luca), the former mayor of Lodi Simone Uggetti also spoke, overwhelmed by an investigation and then acquitted after seven years of trials. A real standing ovation welcomed his lunges: On justice, the Democratic Party has a cultural subordination that I don't like. When magistrates are wrong, you have to have the courage to say it. Words that unleashed the audience as well as when Uggetti himself invited the party to overcome the anti-Renzian syndrome. been like a sort of call of the wild for many who have struggled to stay in the Democratic Party since that season.

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