Bonaccini's two days. How to oppose Schlein without opposing?

Bonaccini's two days.  How to oppose Schlein without opposing?

The governor of Emilia christened "popular energy", the creature that no one wants to call "current". Meanwhile, Schlein has replaced Gianni Cuperlo at the top of the Pd Foundation, appointing Nicola Zingaretti in his place

They wished everyone the best: good luck, long live the laboratory of ideas, long live the Democratic Party. And they all made an effort to look in the mirror pointing out the things that should in theory unite. And in short, today the city of Cesena held its christening "People's Energy"the creature of Stefano Bonaccini that no one (least of all the Emilian governor and Pd president) wants to call "current" but which for days many have been struggling not to call "current". "But there is also the secretary Elly Schlein”, the firefighters and dissemblers have been repeating for days. "But there is also Romano Prodi", say the mischievous, as the presence of the former prime minister seems to have become a palindrome: it is read as a strengthening embrace from the secretary, but also, on the contrary, as an aid to the apparent ecumenism of a certain minority area.

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