"fixed" taxes for two years for those who are in order - Corriere.it

"fixed" taxes for two years for those who are in order - Corriere.it

At a rough guess, the new measure included in the tax reform enabling law, which has just arrived in the Senate after the go-ahead in the House, appears as a small gift to the tourism and VAT numbers sector. The two-year arrangement conceived by the government, in fact, will especially benefit those small businesses which, presumably, can hope to have room for improvement in revenues in the next two years. Therefore, public establishments and the tourism sector in the first place. In a nutshell, if the measure goes through, the Revenue Agency will cross-reference all the data in its possession relating to a specific taxpayer to arrive at an estimate of a hypothetical gross income for the following two years. At this point, if the interested party accepts the calculation, he will pay taxes for 48 months on that amount and if he were to earn more, he will pay nothing on the extra. VAT, on the other hand, will be applied with the ordinary rules. All in all, a good bet for well-established businesses.

Details in the legislative decrees

As mentioned, the stakeholders are small businesses. The general principles are established in the enabling law and then the legislative decrees establish the rules. Therefore, at the moment it is not possible to know what the billing threshold will be within which one must be in order to adhere to the Revenue Agency's offer. The only thing that is said in the text concerns, in fact, "subjects of a smaller size". Another possible parameter could be that relating to the fiscal reliability of the small businesses concerned, allowing only those subjects who have a high or very high score in the ranking of synthetic reliability indicators (ISA) to adhere to the proposal.

The stated goals

Whether or not to adhere to the proposal will be a free decision of the taxpayer who, if he accepts, will substantially protect himself from controls in the following two years. This, according to the intentions, would reduce the propensity - very high in Italy - to black money and, therefore, to tax evasion, ensuring the payment of the VAT calculated by the Agency to the State.

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