Fs launches "Italian Tourist Trains": slow journeys along the beauties of the country

Fs launches "Italian Tourist Trains": slow journeys along the beauties of the country

ROME – There is who only travels at high speeddriven by personal or professional needs. Many other people, on the other hand, choose the exact opposite experience, in Italy and around the world.

That is, they prefer move on a vintage trainwith the windows that are still opened by hand, slowly and along ancient tracks that cross a wild, uncontaminated nature.

Ferrovie dello Stato is convinced that the demand for slow and sustainable tourism – also tinged with nostalgia – will grow more and more.

A different experience

For this reason, FS launches a separate company - "Italian Tourist Trains" - which will organize trips of this type. In such journeys, the train will no longer be a functional and aseptic means. Instead, it should become part of the experience and the holiday.

For this reason, the new company "Italian Tourist Trains" will make more intensive use of a train – that of the Dolce Vita – which FS has created precisely to offer more engaging experiences. And the Venice Simplon-Orient Express will then be called into the field.

The 80s style

"Italian Tourist Trains" will also introduce new connections, including at night, on medium-long range routes between the main Italian cities and places of great tourist attraction.

Here are some examples:
- Rome-Milan for Calalzo-Cortina, San Candido;
- Milan-Genoa with branches for Ventimiglia-Livorno;
- Rome-Metaponto-Catanzaro, via Jonica and Reggio Calabria.

In this case, the trains will be made up of carriages from the 80s and 90s that the Rimini workshops are already upgrading. They will have The restaurant with express cuisine on board; sleeping cars; meeting cars; finally luggage compartments for transporting bikes, skis and vehicles for sustainable mobility.

Traveling with historic trains to discover the beauty of Italy

by Flaminia Juror

Visits and tastings

"Italian Tourist Trains" - reads a note - "will also manage the journeys of historic convoys, property of the FS Foundation, with more regular frequencies. The tours will combine “the train journey with stops for guided tours, walking routes and tastings”.

Finally, he will put the Omnibuses on the rails. They are regional trains for weekends, at advantageous fares, "on lines that cross territories rich in history, with villages and areas of scenic and naturalistic interest".

A study by the Bocconi University, commissioned by the FS Foundation, estimates that each traveler "spends at least 1.50 euros and up to 3.18 euros on goods and services offered by the area crossed". This, "as a source of one euro spent on the purchase of services on the historical-tourist train".

The country's economy

Says the managing director of FS, Luigi Ferraris: “Italian Tourist Trains was created to reaffirm the authoritative role of our Group in one of the driving sectors for the country's economy”.

"We thus intend to contribute to the revitalization and development of quality tourism, sustainable and awareready to appreciate the riches of our territories, rediscovering even lesser-known places".

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