Emilia-Romagna, Truescreen certifies flood damage free of charge

Emilia-Romagna, Truescreen certifies flood damage free of charge


Digital technology runs to the aid of the Emilia-Romagna territories affected by the floods. TrueScreen is an application that serves to certify any multimedia file acquired via smartphone or tablet attributing legal and probative value to it. It’s called forensic acquisition and the Bolognese startup of the same name has made it one of its strengths. It is understandable why it can be very useful in these still emergency phases in the many municipalities and localities affected by the devastating phenomena of recent days: through artificial intelligence and its own algorithms protected by international patents, Truescreen – founded by Fabio Ugolini, resident in Lugo, in the province of Ravenna, and also involved in the floods – in fact analyzes the contents acquired, verifying that they have not been altered or modified with respect to the original content, as well as checking other characteristics relating to the acquisition. After the checks, if the result is positive, the user receives a document of forensic value to be used for what he needs, on all insurance uses.

Truescreen has now decided to offer his service for freewhich of course is usually paid for through a credit system, to the populations affected by the floods of recent weeks. All for facilitate compensation and speed up bureaucracy when the procedures and forms will be ready: to do so, while waiting for the government to establish the methods and amounts of compensation (for the moment the bad weather decree has been approved with a rich package of emergency support interventions and tax exemptions), it is important acquire photographic evidence with legal value to make it indisputable in the future. For example, the municipalities of Ravenna and Forlì have invited all citizens to set aside content that can provide evidence of the damage suffered, including objects, furniture, vehicles that will be disposed of but which constitute significant losses. Best to do this to the fullest legal extent possible.

“I don’t want publicity and I won’t earn anything from it – Ugolini explained to QN – but these destroyed places are where I belong and I had to do something. The sense of solidarity I see is incredible but I’m afraid for the future, for the moment when the adrenaline will pass and we will have to count the damage”. In the meantime, using the service, building owners or business owners will be able to obtain a photographic report with authentic data (time stamp) and digital signature, with maximum legal and probative value.

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TrueScreen documents are indeed digitally signed, timestamped (by the company Intesa of the IBM Group, an accredited certifying body) and therefore incorporate all the technical parameters useful for precisely defining the context in which the acquisition occurred, in accordance with the main international directives in the field of digital evidence conservation. But what can be certified? Virtually everything: screenshots and screen recordings, live photos and videos, audio recordings and localization. Without the possibility of cheating.

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The app is downloaded from Android and the App Store and, once launched, it is required tap the “Certify Flood Damage” banner: they will then be asked for general information, extent and images of the damages suffered, whether it concerns real estate or objects, appliances, systems, vehicles, furniture and so on. The certified report, to be used when the procedures will be regulated and in all likelihood it will take some time, will arrive via e-mail in the form of a link from which to download a compressed .zip file which contains the report, original photos, signature and brand storm.

“With the information from the report, it is not possible to dispute the information and photographs – added the founder – us we are accepted by the insurance companies precisely because we are able to comply with all the guidelines established internationally. And we’re the only ones doing it.”

For any information on the service, there is a dedicated e-mail address: [email protected] while on YouTube there is a tutorial to understand in detail how to proceed.


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