Meloni in Palermo: "Flee from the torchlight procession? I only made the most institutional choice"

Meloni in Palermo: "Flee from the torchlight procession? I only made the most institutional choice"

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The Prime Minister in the Sicilian capital 31 years after the attack in which Judge Borsellino died: "No measures on external competition. I would advise Nordio to be more political"

Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, visiting Palermo for the celebrations 31 years after the attack in via D'Amelio, answered some questions from journalists after participating in the Order and Security Committee. First of all, the Prime Minister expressed her absence at the torchlight vigil organized for Wednesday evening in the Sicilian capital. "Those who make these controversies do not help the institutions. The mafia can challenge a government that has done everything that needed to be done to fight organized crime. But I've never run away in my entire life. I am a person who always allows himself to walk with his head held high. I'm here today and I'll always be here to fight the mafia". Then the further clarification: "I preferred to do the most institutional thing there was".

On the declarations of the Minister of Justice Carlo Nordio, the premier used prudent words: "On the external competition Nordio answered a question, but he himself said that it is not foreseen in the government program and in fact it does not exist. Maybe it should be more political." The head of government also wanted to recall the executive's commitment to the fight against the mafias. "A personal answer becomes a fact when a fact is not, because the facts are that we have saved the impediment prison, that we have defended the anti-mafia legislation, that 1,300 mafiosi have been arrested in the last eight months. The rest are opinions that do not become facts , and opinions that don't become facts that become more important than facts, this happens when you want to make a specious polemic".

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