Ddl Nordio, Mattarella's ok for the presentation to the Chambers. The centre-right rejects the EU anti-corruption directive: it's confrontation - Corriere.it

Ddl Nordio, Mattarella's ok for the presentation to the Chambers.  The centre-right rejects the EU anti-corruption directive: it's confrontation - Corriere.it

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Action also voted against: «It provides for penal sanctions for abuse of office also in the private sector. Pure madness." Harsh opposition protest: a devastating sign of laxity

The president of the Republic, Sergio Mattarellaauthorized the presentation to the Chambers of the bill «containing changes to the penal codethe code of penal procedure, the judicial system and the code of the military system" - the so-called Nordio bill.

Among the main measures contained in the reform, approved by the Council of Ministers on 15 June, there are the "abrogation of the abuse of office, changes to the crime of trafficking in illicit influences, the restriction on the publication of the content of wiretaps, and the new regulation of cases of appeal by the public prosecutor".

The OK from the Quirinale arrives just as a new clash between the majority and the opposition in matters of justice is taking place.

The center-right has in fact rejected the Commission for EU policies of the Chamber la directive of the EU Parliament and Council on fight against corruption because "it would clearly be in conflict with the principle of subsidiarity and with that of proportionality" as the rapporteur wrote in a reasoned opinion Antonio Giordano (FdI). And that was enough to provoke the harsh protests
of Pd and M5s.

I also agree with the center-right Action. declares the deputy Henry Costa: «The proposal for a European directive approved by the European Commission - which the European Affairs Commission of the Chamber of Deputies also rejected with the Action vote - reaches the point of foreseeing criminal penalties not only for the abuse of office in the sector publicbut also for the industry private in the event of `execution' or `omission of an act, in breach of a duty, by a person who carries out, in any capacity, managerial or working functions for a private sector entity in the context of economic, financial, entrepreneurial activities or commercial in order to obtain an undue advantage for oneself or for a third party´. Pure madness».

In particular, the directive also has repercussions on the crime of abuse of office and this is precisely one of the aspects that convinced the parties of the majority not to approve it. In the opinion Giordano lists in 12 points the aspects considered critical of the Directive and underlines that «in the light of the arguments set out above, the proposal in question goes beyond the legal basis invoked as its foundation to the extent that it regulates crimes other than that of corruption in the strict sense, lacking the requirement of transnationality, in relation to which the EU does not have the competence to adopt harmonizing rules".

«Incredible vote against of the right, in the EU Policy Commission in the Chamber, with respect to the proposal for a European directive on the fight against corruption» he says Piero DeLuca, Pd group leader in the EU Politics Commission of the Chamber and adds: «On the day of the commemoration of Paolo Borsellino, victim of the massacre in Via D'Amelio together with the agents of the escort, the right votes a reasoned opinion in which he disputes the need, the opportunities, the added value and the merit choices elaborated by the Commission, launching a devastating sign of laxity and weakening of the tools to combat crime in Italy and in Europe".

According to the 5 Star parliamentarians, it is a «clamorous rejection not only because it goes against the recommendations of the President of the Republic Mattarella and the reassurances of Prime Minister Meloni herself, but also because the majority opinion is motivated by theblatantly false argument that the European Union has no competence, according to them, in the matter of harmonizing national laws'.

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