Colossal bombshell! Scarpinato updates the theory of mafia massacres

Colossal bombshell!  Scarpinato updates the theory of mafia massacres

Giorgia Meloni and Chiara Colosimo placed bombs in the 1990s. On the contrary: "There is a black thread from Rauti to Meloni, the neo-fascists behind the massacres". And listen, because the reasoning is flawless: Chiara Colosimo took a picture with Luigi Ciavardini, a former terrorist of the Nar, so she too is a bit of a former terrorist (although at that time she had not yet been born) and therefore she substantially and morally also participated in the mafia massacres of the nineties, at the time of her first grade, because Stefano Delle Chiaie, a former terrorist who was not from the Nar but from the National Avant-garde ( therefore terrorist "cousin" of Ciavardini), in the days of the mafia massacres he was in Palermo. All clear, right? Very clear. It is in fact the outcome of this extraordinary week which opened on Monday with a sublime investigation by "Report" and continued with interviews, first with the press and yesterday with Radio Radicale, of the M5s senator Roberto Scarpinato.

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