The governors who are changing Italy. Here is the party of the region

The governors who are changing Italy.  Here is the party of the region

There is a pragmatic, transversal, anti-conspiracy Italy that has outclassed the party of mayors and has become the most influential lobby in the country. Pnrr, floods, vaccines. Investigation on a broad front that marches compactly

It's the regional party, beauty. There was a time when the backbone of Italy, on a political level, seemed to coincide with the famous Italy of the mayors. An Italy, so it was said, genuine, pragmatic, concrete, ambitious, capable of showing the country, and also the government, the right path to follow at various levels: economic, governmental, institutional. There was a time, you will recall, when the Italy of the mayors had become the ideal horizon of our politics. Those were the times not only of Matteo Renzi, the former mayor of Italy, who fell precisely for having tried to make the Italian Constitution look like the Italy of mayors, but also of all the former center-left first citizens, from Francesco Rutelli to Walter Veltroni, who succeeded in transforming their experience at the helm of a municipality into a springboard useful for conquering the national limelight. There was a time when the Italy of mayors made the news. A time when it mattered. In which it weighed. In which this Italy caused discussion.

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