Chemistry, Allegrini launches a prize of 1,500 euros for brand ambassador employees

Chemistry, Allegrini launches a prize of 1,500 euros for brand ambassador employees

There is prize and prize. In the Bergamo-based chemical company Allegrini, specialized in the production of cleaning and cosmetic products, one has arrived for those who will become brand ambassadors, internally and externally, including through social networks. In a phase in which there continues to be a strong misalignment between job supply and demand, workers who will promote the company's positive values ​​and present a candidate who passes the trial period will receive a bonus of 1,500 euros gross.

Even in the human resources departments the language changes and this is the reflection of the profound changes that have taken place above all in communication and in the tools that are used. As well as in the methods of research and selection of people who today pass through a multiplicity of channels, from word of mouth, to portals, to specialized operators, to social networks.

In this highly complex phase, Allegrini's decision was born to enhance adherence to corporate values, direct and indirect participation by collaborators in the life of the company and the contribution that each one can make to the well-being of the company, in addition to professional services.

The initiative highlights «the active contribution that each collaborator can make to the growth of the company's human capital. It is well known that today there is an objective difficulty in hiring human resources both for qualified roles and sometimes also for workers - the company explains to the workers -. Given that the solution of the internal growth of one's personnel is preferred, we believe that in the search for new resources, often necessary to accompany the development process, the collaborators in the company can be active promoters by spreading the search announcement in their own contexts and proceeding to direct any profiles towards the company".

The new model will be applied to specific selections which will be specifically indicated to the workers. In the process there are 2 important elements. The first concerns the fact that the employee can testify to the potential new employee the positive values ​​of the company and the climate that characterizes it. The second, on the other hand, consists in the presentation of a candidate by an internal collaborator, bearing in mind that the regular selection process is in any case foreseen. If the candidate passes the probationary period, the company provides an incentive represented by a gross bonus of 1,500 euros to the employee who recommended the newcomer.

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