Rc Auto, prices up 4% in the first quarter

Rc Auto, prices up 4% in the first quarter

"The price of the motor liability guarantee for contracts stipulated in the first quarter of 2023 is on average equal to 368 euros. Prices are up (+4.0% on an annual basis) for the second consecutive quarter. However, the increase remains lower than the inflation rate (+7.6% on an annual basis)."

This is what we read on Ivass informs. "The average premium - it is underlined - remains below the values ​​observed in the pre-pandemic period (406 euros in 2019) and is 26% lower than in the first quarter of 2014".

The increase in prices, explains IVASS, involved all the Italian provinces, with varying intensity. The highest variations are recorded in Rome (+8.0%), Massa Carrara (+6.0%) and Sassari (+5.9%).

The price differential paid between Naples and Aosta is equal to 252 euros, stable on an annual basis and down by 48.3% compared to the first quarter of 2014.

21.9% of policies include a clause linked to the presence of a black box; the penetration rate is stable over the two-year period.

The spread of black box and heterogeneous among the provinces, with an average higher penetration rate in the South (for example Caserta: 66.5%, Naples: 55.5%).

The reaction of consumer associations to the IVASS data was immediate. "Our forecasts have unfortunately been confirmed", says Assoutenti who calculates "an increase of 15 euros per policyholder - denounces the president Furio Truzzi - This means that, considering that 43 million insured vehicles circulate in Italy, of which 32.5 million are cars, the blow caused by the increase in policies for the motorists category alone amounts to almost 490 million euros on an annual basis".

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