Bye bye Twitter: here is X, an old obsession of Elon Musk

Bye bye Twitter: here is X, an old obsession of Elon Musk


The visionary entrepreneur changes the logo of his social network and now wants to transform it into a “super app”, which can do everything: read the news, publish photos, pay taxes, book a doctor. But the feeling is that the upper levels of the company have not understood what the social network is for (or was used for), nor who uses it

It was very difficult to decipher Elon Musk. It will be, as his fans claim, that he is a genius and like every genius he has inscrutable behaviors for us mere mortals; it will be, as the Wall Street Journal recently revealed, that he uses ketamine, a horse tranquilizer that he uses as an antidepressant, which could explain some of his quirks about him. There is only one thing for sure: Musk likes the letter X. It should therefore come as no surprise that Twitter has changed its logo (and perhaps its name) by opting for a white X on a black background, after an announcement arrived over the weekend from the Twitter profile (or X profile?) of the entrepreneur himself.

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