Aperitif and hygiene, how the relationship changes in the post-pandemic era

Aperitif and hygiene, how the relationship changes in the post-pandemic era

For the aperitifthe Italians prefer the single portion dishand at the buffet, because it is retained more "hygienic". It is the result of a survey carried out by Initial, a partner company of companies in the supply of services for hygiene, air purification and room fragrances. The in-depth study revealed that 78% of those interviewed believe they can give up having an aperitif if the place is dirty and lacks basic hygiene, especially in terms of cleanliness of the tables and bathrooms.

One in four also prefers to opt for a single-portion dish for hygienic reasons, while 46% say they are only interested in being able to taste the food available. Despite this first impression of indifference, when asked the specific question "Which is the more hygienic option between a buffet and a single dish?", only 8% are indifferent. 61% of those interviewed have no doubts that a single plate is the most hygienic choice, demonstrating particular attention to this aspect.

37% of those interviewed show concern about having an aperitif with a shared cutting board, as they fear that the food could be contaminated by others. Interestingly, 2% of Italians would even refuse an invitation to a place where they know they won't find a single-serving dish.

Also there cleaning and the general conditions of the premises they play a key role. When asked what they see as soon as they enter a place to have an aperitif, all the interviewees indicate the importance of finding a hand sanitizer at the entrance, a clean and comfortable environment, and an equally clean bathroom. On the other hand, 7% of the interviewees affirm that they do not pay attention to any of these aspects, focusing exclusively on the price.

As far as bathroom cleanliness is concerned, almost all respondents (98%) would prefer to find an impeccable bathroom, equipped with water, soap and towels for washing hands. 87% would also like to have touchless products available to avoid touching anything but food, while 66% believe it is important to use hygiene products, such as a hand sanitizer dispenser at the entrance and all inside the club, especially after the Covid-19 epidemic.

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