"An analysis of singular defeat. Like Gigi Proietti". Guerini's puffs on Schlein

"An analysis of singular defeat. Like Gigi Proietti".  Guerini's puffs on Schlein

The former defense minister comments with his parliamentarians on the explanations offered by the secretariat on the administrative vote. "Where you win it's thanks to him, when you lose it's the fault of others". The tension over Pnrr and weapons, between Rome and Brussels

The scene was only evoked, but that was enough to make the sense of the comparison clear. The analysis of the defeat – or, better to say: the analysis of the analysis of the defeat – which is coloured, albeit with the Lombard accent of Lorenzo Guerini, of figurative Romanism. “The analysis of the results seems to me that of Gigi Proietti's lawyer: we won in Brescia thanks to the new secretary. Instead we lost the ballots because of who was there first. Rather singular as a reading, let's say”. This is the thought that the former defense minister, leader of the reformist wing of the Democratic Party, handed over to his closest parliamentarians after a day spent reflecting, he, like the entire dem leadership group, seeking in the words of Elly Schlein not an admission of guilt, but at least the assumption of responsibility, a statement that sheds light on the reasons for the administrative defeat.

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