Meloni and Salvini like Mars and Venus. The Schlein case

Meloni and Salvini like Mars and Venus.  The Schlein case

She is Mars and he is Venus, he tries to be pop and social, she goes straight to the point, and sticks to the point. And then yesterday Matthew Salvini he indulged in the mockery of Elly Schleinthe great defeat of the local elections, while Giorgia Meloni he even thought of defending it in public because "reviving a party is not something that can be done in two months". He mockingly posted the videos of Schlein on Instagram who, in slow motion, spells out the phrase "and this time too they didn't see us coming", then on Twitter he sent a "hello" to the secretary of the Democratic Party, while she recommended herself to her parliamentarians : beware of triumphalism. Thus, at the same time that Salvini exercised his leadership on the battlefield of Tié, the Prime Minister recalled the arrogance of the (Celtic) barbarian Brennus who, victorious over Rome, threw his sword into the scales asking for more gold and pronouncing those two famous words that are the opposite of knowing how to win: “Vae victis”. Mars and Venus are made not to understand each other, but they are also complementaryand if one plays on the field of shooting and empathy with the gutsy sentiment of center-right voters, the other thinks about stuff, the government, and the ancient motto of keeping friends close but above all enemies because it is in the mirror of enemy that reflects yourself.

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