Conte goes to the attack of the Pd in ​​difficulty. And he rejects the "broad shot"

Conte goes to the attack of the Pd in ​​difficulty.  And he rejects the "broad shot"

“Other than a wide field, they are preparing a minefield for us”. A dem senator he jokes with a little concern. Giuseppe Conte a day later has just replied to Elly Schlein. "Meloni doesn't fight with wide fields, but with a different idea of ​​the country". The intense day of the grillino leader who in the evening brought together the parliamentary groups to organize the demonstration in Rome on June 17 starts with a press conference in the Chamber to present the proposals on mortgages and high rents. Objective: to transform the administrative defeat into an opportunity for his political relaunch. "On the other hand - he explained yesterday introducing the new 84 territorial groups - historically the Movement has difficulties in administrative elections, with this initiative we mark a radical change to be in every city and in every district to intercept the needs of local communities". But if the breakthrough will come, the subtext is that the real loser of the administrations is not him, but the secretary of the Pd Elly Schlein. On the other hand, it was she who declared two days ago, partly to distance herself from responsibility for the beating, partly as a question of numbers: "You don't win alone, but the responsibility to build an alternative field to right is not only of the Democratic Party ”. Conte yesterday only pretended to open up to collaboration. His words look more like a challenge to hegemony on the left than a real intention for cooperation: "We are willing to dialogue with the Democratic Party but on issues, on projects, measuring ourselves on concrete answers without top meetings and without compromising our principles, and watering down our most significant battles". From no to waste-to-energy plants, allo arms stop in Ukraine. Flags to wave to bring out the divisions in the Democratic Party. It will happen, for example, on Thursday when in the European Parliament the grillini will reiterate their no to the acceleration of the supply of ammunition to Kyiv and the dem will instead risk splitting.

In short, the head of the M5s seems seriously intent on take advantage of the first difficulties of the secretary to regain the lost space on the left. Both in the European elections, thanks to the proportional electoral system, it is very difficult to reach an agreement, but it will be time to test the relative weights. Therefore, the bank game with the Third Pole is also reviewed, interrupted, at least for a few weeks, by the Schlein effect and by the epidermal sensation of a shift to the left of the Democratic Party. Now, however, the two minority shareholders of the hypothetical broad field are once again exploding all the internal contradictions of the Democrats on the contents, claiming that they are specularly irreconcilable. “The Brescia/Vicenza models can be repeated if the Democratic Party manages to get out of the reformism/maximalism ford, stopping chasing Conte,” Calenda said yesterday, for example. The grillino boss, for his part, imitating the third-party attitude, plays at being competent from the left. "It is not enough to say that what the government is doing is not good, we need to offer an alternative perspective, as we do today on mortgages and high rents". He suggests that inside the M5s we have begun to study (“you will have understood from these proposals that there is a study behind it, an understanding of the phenomenon”), cites Stiglitz and Piketty, economic icons of the left, as ideal compasses of the grillina proposal for taxing the extra profits of large companies. One way to try to make Schlein appear as a matter of pure aesthetics. A restyling of the usual ambiguous Pd. The secretary may be young, female, bisexual, international, contemporary, woke, but in reality no one knows what she thinks.

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