zero expenses and a maximum ceiling of 100 thousand euros, how it works -

zero expenses and a maximum ceiling of 100 thousand euros, how it works -

In addition to the introduction of the made in Italy high school starting from the 2024/2025 school year, the bill advanced by the Brothers of Italy - finalized by the Ministry of Enterprise and Made in Italy and which will arrive in the Council of Ministers next week - introduces the possibility for young people under 30 to open a zero-expense current account so as to be able to pay for studies at universities and higher technical institutes (Its).

How will the current account for young people work

The text contains a proposal called "Savings and investment program for advanced education and training" which allows banks to offer those aged between 16 and 30 a savings and investment account with a maximum ceiling of 100 thousand euro and which can be useful exclusively for the support of functional expenses, direct and indirect, for training and education, according to the made in Italy bill. The forms of payment can be different, coming from third parties, donations or crowdfunding. Regardless of the amount of resources paid, the financial instrument will not be subject to any taxation, fee or tax up to the age of 30 or until the beneficiary maintains an ISEE of less than 40,000 euros per year. Not complying with these rules, in particular using those funds to achieve other purposes, would cause the beneficiary to lose all the advantages obtained.

Allowable expenses

So, what are the expenses authorized with the subsidized current account for young people? The costs for starting and completing secondary and tertiary education courses offered by universities and AFAM institutions (Advanced artistic, musical and dance education), professionalizing tertiary training offered by the ITS (higher technical institutes) and other higher technical training courses also abroad. Furthermore, the purchase of textbooks and all the necessary teaching materials and the expenses for possible accommodation are authorized if the city of the school is different from that of residence. To verify the correct use of the funds, random checks are envisaged.

High school and foundation

This initiative is part of a broader context where the constitution of the made in Italy high school is assumed, regulated - in the event of approval of the bill - by a subsequent provision of the Ministry of Education and Merit. This will be a new high school address where they will be in-depth knowledge, skills and competences in economics and law, with attention also to the mathematical, physical and natural sciences. At the same time, the birth of the “Enterprises and skills” Foundation is planned, with the aim of facilitating the transition of students to the world of work by learning a methodology for doing business based on the valorisation of Italian products.

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