Zaki in Italy on Sunday, Meloni's goal is now the extradition of Chico Forti

Zaki in Italy on Sunday, Meloni's goal is now the extradition of Chico Forti

Bad thoughts are chewing on Patrick Zaki in the government rooms. The activist who received the pardon from al-Sisi has refused to return to Italy on the state flight. No Ciampino, but Milan and then Bologna where he is expected on Sunday, not before, due to bureaucratic reasons related to documents. For the spokesman of Amnesty International Italy, Riccardo Noury, it is a choice "dictated by independence from governments, no political controversy", if in the end Zaki and his family will take a scheduled flight (and perhaps under the two towers they will find Elly Schlein, instead of Giorgia Meloni). A decision that was taken with a touch of regret by the executive, even if the prime minister has never shown any intention of going to wait for him on the runway. The same goes for Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani, as the boy still remains an Egyptian citizen. And, as the past teaches, these ceremonies in favor of flash can often turn out to be a boomerang. This was indeed a diplomatic success of the Farnesina and therefore of the centre-right executive. That's why yesterday in front of Zaki's decision the line was: don't answer, don't argue, don't dirty this result that the left for an ideological approach against al-Sisi, also due to the case of Giulio Regeni, has never managed to bring home.

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