Meloni and the reset after the vote: reshuffle and goodbye Fiamma. Thoughts on La Russa

Meloni and the reset after the vote: reshuffle and goodbye Fiamma.  Thoughts on La Russa

The prime minister telephones Marina Berlusconi and closes the case. After the Europeans, congress and programmatic conference, meanwhile Atreju postpones. She says she is ready "not to sacrifice herself" for Santanchè and she says about the president of the Senate she is worried about the developments in the process and she could advise him to resign

The case, which scratch scratch is not, ends with an early morning phone call: Giorgia Meloni calls Marina Berlusconi. Background: the declaration in Palermo on the daughter of Cav. “That you are not a political subject”. Phrase on which to dunk the cookie of controversy. The two joke about it and in agreement, as they tell Mediaset, they decide that it is the eldest daughter of the former leader of Forza Italia to come out with a note in the "name of the utmost respect and esteem" for the premier. Buckets of icy water on the interpretations of the letter sent by Marina Berlusconi to the Giornale against "those who persecute their father in the dead" and in particular on the magistrates of the Florence prosecutor's office who are investigating the massacres of '93. For some, a way to invoke government intervention (sending inspectors). Which didn't happen. And this is also closed. Even if Meloni with a joke comments about her that "it is not she who has a problem with Marina, but perhaps it is Forza Italia who has a problem" (see Tajani and Ronzulli). Trifles, or almost.

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