Who is Stefano Bandecchi, the "non-right" para guru who won in Terni

Who is Stefano Bandecchi, the "non-right" para guru who won in Terni

Portrait of the ambitious and pyrotechnic entrepreneur who has excavated the Umbrian city. Founder of the Niccolò Cusano university and president of Ternana, he has gathered around him a myriad of civic lists, almost impossible to beat

Stefano Bandecchi he wins in Terni as he wanted, surprising and defeating in the second round, in the ballot which is the match of the strong, where the winner is whoever drags the perplexed and compacts his team. His political challenge is interesting because it's up to date. He was called, indeed he had called himself, to do theoutsiders, in the already red Umbria (even if a Northern League won in the region), but chose not to do it against the left but against the government and local right, against today, to understand each other, and not against the ghosts of yesterday . The city, which was not his birthplace, lent itself to the game, because in Terni all possible political reference schemes and all the links between representation and local interests, centered on the large steel industry and its tribulations. And already in the nineties it was granted, the city, a Gianfranco Ciaurro, a long-time parliamentary official and frequenter of the Pli, winner (and then betrayed) first with a scheme that even prefigured the not yet existing Pd and then with an alliance centered on Forza Italia. Ciaurro could not withstand the council ambushes and the strong Umbrian left returned, solid but undermined by its own success and by the impossible ideological renewal.

Bandecchi revives Popular Alternative, by Angelino Alfano. And it keeps together various civic lists, including Noi for Terni and Terni for them, with a en plein, us and them, impossible for any competitor to sustain. Who then Bandecchi, looking at the curriculum, seemed made for the right. Livornese, but a para trend. He enlisted as a young man in the Folgore (for which he also carried out the mission in Lebanon) with what appears to be a reaction to the dominant spirit in the city, especially in his youth. He comes back from Lebanon and starts being an entrepreneur. To be precise, he falls in love with the word, with the definition, with the role. The television space that Bandecchi leads on the TV he founded is called "The Entrepreneur and the Others", in which the others are indeed the other characters who aspire to the public sphere but, it is not excluded, also all the rest of humanity, in an effort of self-affirmation without limits and borders. Or perhaps in an attempt at dialogue, with the entrepreneur engaged, perhaps, also in listening to others.

When the entrepreneur undertook with more vigor he founded the Niccolò Cusano telematic university, named with passion and a certain taste after the great Niccolò da Cusa, born in Kues in Germany and died in Todi in 1464, theologian and philosopher of great influence, later cardinal , apostle of tolerance, even between religions, of the search for wisdom and author, among various texts, of the well-known treatise on learned ignorance. Well inspired philosophically, no doubt, but still a private university. And, after the para, this is a second step towards characterization as a right-wing man. But Bandecchi, of course, wants to stay outside the box and loves to tell his own story. He says it all on his personal website, in which he defines himself as an "all-round entrepreneur" and obviously endowed with a "multifaceted personality". There is, in him, a momentum, together with the ability, typical of multifaceted personalities and with a 360-degree view, to simplify problems and get to the heart of the issues. All, however, harnessed in a kind of beneficial, progressive, mutualistic voluntarism (even if the entrepreneur is on one side and the others on another), which refers to certain religious communities or certain Gnostic initiations.

The telematic university is perhaps not very tough in the selection of students, Minister Lollobrigida is one of my graduates, proudly tells Bandecchi, it is expanding, with initiatives in the UK and in France and giving life to a series of initiatives, it is TV as we have seen by quoting the program conducted directly by the Entrepreneur, it is a research foundation (with declared support for various health structures), but reaches the greatest number of contacts with the Radio Cusano Campus. There was a political germ there. The programs wink at populism, but with the tone of someone explaining to the grillini that they have to get in line and that first there were the old-style populists, the Cusanian ones, versed however not so much in medieval philosophy as in indifferent lamentation or extreme allusion, the quasi-said, the suspicious wink, the “we understand each other”. He has been president of Ternana since 2017, faces the curve without fear, spitting and spitting, the President and the others. This year, after the disputes and counter-disputes, salvation has arrived in the Serie B championship.

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