Who is Silvetti, the blue who conquered the "red stronghold" of Ancona

Who is Silvetti, the blue who conquered the "red stronghold" of Ancona

After decades of center-left administration (the last two decades entrusted to the mayor dem Valeria Mancinelli) Ancona changes direction with the election 10 years of administration with the victory of Daniele Silvetti, center-right candidate supported by Fi, Lega, Fdi, Udc, civic . Anconetano born in 1973, he has always lived in Ancona, he graduated from the Rinaldini classical high school and graduated in law in 1998 from the Alma Mater University of Bologna.

The political career

From 1997 to 2006 he was continuously municipal councilor of the Municipality of Ancona, between 1997 and 2001 commissioner of the budget and economic planning commission then vice president of the first council commission (legal and institutional affairs) as well as commissioner of the seventh commission (port and environment) until 2006. From 2006 to 2015 he was regional councilor of the Marches also covering the role of vice president of the fourth commission (urban planning, public works, transport, environment, quarries and peat bogs).

Joining Forza Italia

Provincial coordinator and deputy coordinator Marche Nord of Forza Italia, a movement to which he joined in November 2014 recognizing himself in the values ​​of the European People's Party. And also president of the Conero Park from 2021 and regional coordinator of Federparchi since 2023.

The legal profession

Compatibly with his political commitments, he embarked on the legal profession. Since 2005 he has been a lawyer enrolled in the Register of Lawyers of the Ancona Bar, specializing in civil, corporate and commercial law. Over the years he has been appointed to various positions and, since July 2018, he has been an effective member of the CNCU (National Council for Consumers and Users), a permanent body of the Ministry of Economic Development, on behalf of the enlarged State-Regions-Municipal Conference.


He is passionate about modeling set in WWII; he is a collector and connoisseur of scotch whiskey and has a fine collection of cigars.

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