Valeria Marini has a new boyfriend, who is Gerolamo "Gimmi" Cangiano-

Valeria Marini has a new boyfriend, who is Gerolamo "Gimmi" Cangiano-

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The showgirl and the deputy of Fratelli d'Italia were photographed in Ponza during a romantic weekend

New summer love for Valeria Marini. The showgirl was photographed together with Gerolamo Cangiano, deputy of Caserta of the Brothers of Italy. The scoop, published by the weekly Diva and Womanportrays Marini in romantic attitudes with the politician during a weekend of love in Ponza.

In an interview with Courier, Valeria Marini had said to continue to dream of love and it seems to have found it, as evidenced by the photos published by the weekly, in which the two indulge in a long kiss. She surrounds him, slyly, right from the boat on which they reach the Pontine landing place, with other travel companions - we read in the article by Diva and Woman-. After a dive like a mermaid, here is Valeria, who in the past has proved to be attracted to men of consistent physicality, throwing herself in a leopard-print bikini at the deputy's boarding while swimming in the sea.

About Gerolamo Cangiano

Gerolamo Cangiano, known as "Gimmi", born in Genoa in 1981 but raised in Campania, in Aversa, regional contact person of Fratelli d'Italia since 2020. Graduated in Law, professor of Law and Economics in high school, state elected to the House in the last elections and signatory of the bills on the teaching of food education, on greater powers for the forces of order, on the protection of the Italian flag and on the protection of the Neapolitan language.

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July 22, 2023 (change July 22, 2023 | 5:25 pm)

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