Toro-Feralpi Salò: over a thousand grenade fans are waiting for the first outing

Toro-Feralpi Salò: over a thousand grenade fans are waiting for the first outing

PINZOLO. The small sports field in Pinzolo is a jewel: grandstands attached to the pitch, colored steps, a lawn where you can watch training sessions and listen to Juric's advice. The weather is up and down: it rains – a lot -, it's sunny at times and for tomorrow afternoon, the day of Toro's first match of the season against Feralpi Salò at 5pm – the ups and downs continue.

“Imagine the best solution…”. And, again: "Treat the ball with love". Pinzolo, Toro house: Juric's vocabulary

by our correspondent GUGLIELMO BUCCHERI

Time aside, there is no shortage of curiosity and waiting. «It's not usual to sell more than 700 tickets online for tests like this: we expect more than a thousand fans at the field…», the organization of the retreat of Buongiorno and associates said. Around the country there is little grenade, the only sour note: someone underlines it is a matter of habit and that always happens when you change location. The lack of grenade is in the lack of the typical houses where to stop for a gadget or a souvenir or in the absence of everything that can make the team's presence felt: two large vertical banners leaning on the sides of the entrance to the hotel headquarters of the entire group are the only indication of a discreet stay.

The fans are arriving and will arrive, as mentioned, for the friendly match scheduled for tomorrow afternoon: Feralpi is a team that has just been promoted to Serie B and, therefore, opponents of a certain level for the debut on the path of the championship preparation tests. This evening, presentation of the Juric group with the rose on the stage in the main square of Pinzolo: back to old habits.

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