Alessia Elefante, who is the girlfriend of

Alessia Elefante, who is the girlfriend of

Of Guendalina Galdi

25-year-old interior designer, reserved, passionate about fashion and comics: the story of Alessia Elefante, Donnarumma's partner for 7 years

From Naples to Paris.Alessia Elefante, girlfriend of Gigio Donnaumma, not the classic Wag who likes to be in the spotlight. On his Instagram profile – once private – he (also) describes himself as a journey, Naples-Paris precisely. From her origins to her heart that made her follow her partner in the shadow of the Eiffel Tower since the summer of 2021. Donnarumma becomes the goalkeeper of Paris Saint-Germain and Alessia leaves Italy with him, aware that his life in Paris it will last as long as Gigio's adventure between the posts of the team he signed for until 2026. In the last two years he has celebrated two championships and a Super Cup with Donnarumma, while a historic European with the blue shirt. Unforgettable moments but the life of a Wag is not only made up of her boyfriend's successes, designer clothes, private flights and exclusive parties but sometimes also insults on social media (di Gigio) only because she was the companion of a player who was changing teams without swearing eternal love for the colors of Milan. Unpleasant episodes but nothing compared to the shock after the robbery at home,

attacked together with Gigio on the night of Friday 21 July.

About Alessia Elefante

Elephant one interior designer, born in Castellammare di Stabia 25 years ago and mother of a small dog, Coco. Reserved, little first woman even if the girlfriend of a number one. He has a twin, Daniela, to which he is very close as evidenced by the many birthdays celebrated together in recent years and by the trip to the Bahamas made as a group just a few weeks ago. Since 2017, when he turned 18, she has been living with Gigio but their story began the year before. From a footballing point of view, in Donnarumma's debut season with Milan. The first photo together on the profile of Gianluigi in fact from 2016; many hearts as a caption and so on and on until the most recent posts in which warm hugs are rarely lacking with the girl who looks like a wren next to the almost two-metre goalkeeper. A bit like the giant and the little girl, title adapted to this story whose plot is careful not to put itself in the spotlight.

Dodging gossip may not be easy but evidently it has always been the superpower of the Elephant-Donnarumma couple. Metaphor as a reference to the passion of both for comic books; well-informed people say that when Gianluigi celebrated his 20th birthday, Alessia allegedly gave him a painting that portrayed them in the role of Superman and Catwoman. Leitmotif continued the following year but transferred to the cake, cut by Cracco. Candles, jerseys, trophies, personal and professional goals; Elefante has always been there, there next to her Gigio. Always together for 7 years. From Naples to Paris, via Milan. And then who knows…

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