Diletta Leotta interviews Loris Karius. «When we first met I didn't think we would have a child»- Corriere.it

Diletta Leotta interviews Loris Karius.  «When we first met I didn't think we would have a child»- Corriere.it

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Interviewed by his partner for the new episode of "Amateur mother", the Newcastle goalkeeper spoke about the pregnancy of the presenter of Dazn, who in less than a month will make him a father for the first time and his sensations as a future parent

He is convinced that he will be a "super cool" dad and that he will be a friend to his daughter, but he will still keep her under control - including the mobile phone - to be sure "that everything is fine". Even if it was understood that Loris Karius would have liked to be anywhere else, except in the living room of "Mamma dilettante", the Newcastle goalkeeper lent himself to the game, intervening as a guest in the "all in the family" episode of Diletta Leotta's podcast, which in less than a month will make him a father for the first time. «I think you can prepare as much as you want – said Karius, answering the first question about how he feels about becoming a father – but in the end there is no way to be ready for this event. There will be a lot of chaos, but I'm optimistic. I haven't fully realized it yet, I realize it when I look at you, when I see the pictures from the doctor and all the things that are slowly changing in life. We are doing well, sometimes it hasn't been easy for you but I've tried to support you to the best of my ability. I will do the same in the future, we will remain optimistic ».

During the interview, Leotta admitted that she would have preferred a boy instead of a girl. «For me both things were fine, the important thing is that she is healthy. It's not true that I preferred a girl, even with a boy a father can do many things, but for me there really was no difference. I know you had a preference, but I'm glad it's a girl », revealed the partner who then risked a sensational own goal when the presenter of Dazn (to whom he has been linked since the autumn of 2022) asked him if at their first meeting in Paris, he would have ever thought that they would have found themselves with a daughter on the way. “When we first met, I didn't think about this kind of thing. It would have been a bit excessive – Karius confessed candidly -. To be honest I was just having dinner and chatting a bit. I was just having fun. It would be an exaggeration to say that on the first night I could imagine that today we would have a child. At that moment I didn't think about it. Maybe now we can have one, two or three children. I don't think we have to plan for the future yet."

Leotta's reaction (feigned) offense was immediate. “But you are awful. You had to say something like, “when I saw you, I knew right away that you were going to be the woman of my life”. I told my friends, “he is the man of life”», she replied, before foisting the bowl on him with uncomfortable questions («More uncomfortable than the ones I've answered so far?», the German goalkeeper asked laughing), with which Karius got away with it, however. From the series, «What is not done for love!», As the future mother wrote in the post accompanying the photo of the two of them embracing, at the end of the episode, quoting her partner.

July 21, 2023 (change July 21, 2023 | 3:00 pm)

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