Tonitto 1939 will produce kosher sorbets and ice creams

Tonitto 1939 will produce kosher sorbets and ice creams

Tonitto 1939 sorbets and ice creams become kosher, that is, made according to the dietary rules of the Jewish religion and with a controlled method of processing and use of the raw materials used.

The Genoese company led by Massimiliano and Luca Dovo (in the photo), which is the leader in Italy for sorbet and ice cream with no added sugar, has obtained the Star-D kosher certification (managed by Star-K), valid both for Italy and abroad. Document which establishes that the dairy product complies with kosher requirements, which require, for example, keeping milk separate from meat.

150 billion world market

According to some market research, the attention towards kosher food goes well beyond the interest of a specific ethnic group, explains a company note. In fact, consumers of kosher products include Jews, Muslims and members of other religious denominations, «for a world market value exceeding 150 billion dollars, with greater attention to the United States, Israel and France, the latter with a third of kosher restaurants.

Tonitto has launched a particular process for the creation of products of that type, which also involves the use of kosher certified raw materials (sugar, milk, extracts, fruit) a characteristic that is sufficient to certify kosher dairy products. For the so-called parve products (i.e. products not containing milk or meat), the company will carry out, the note continues, "a 'kosherisation' of the production line through the presence of a rabbi and further steps including stopping the line for at least 24 hours" .

First targets: Europe and Israel

Star-D was released for the sherbet and ice cream lines Gaia, Linea, Yo Yo, Family Cup and Grand Family Cup. "With the spirit of bringing a moment of happiness to all those who follow the kosher dictates, present both in Europe and in Israel - says Alberto Piscioneri, sales & marketing director di Tonitto - we decided to opt for this investment, also following a request from an important operator specialized in the distribution of kosher products in Europe and outside Europe.

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