"There is a risk of slowing everything down" - Corriere.it

"There is a risk of slowing everything down" - Corriere.it

Of Maria Theresa Meli

The game of the commissioner for reconstruction. The governor: «For my part, total collaboration with the government»

Stefano Bonaccini has no intention of going to the clash with the government if only because a tug of war between him and the executive «it would harm Emilia-Romagna» severely affected by the flood. And in fact yesterday the governor wanted to publicly reiterate his position: «For my part the government can rest assured because there is total collaboration».

But that doesn't mean that the turn events have taken pleases him. Far from it. To him the president of the Democratic Party confides that "this hesitation risks slowing down reconstruction».

The governor of Emilia-Romagna had known the text of the decree (on which the Minister for Civil Protection is working Nello Musumeci) which entrusts a technician with the role of commissioner in the event of similar disasters. That draft, which effectively blocks the way for the dem president, provides that the appointment of the commissioner should be identified "between specific professional subjects and managerial competence, taking into account the complexity and relevance of the reconstruction process".

Bonaccini and his men already knew that text as, moreover, they knew that that decree is not going ahead because there are problems in government where not everyone is convinced of that solution. And this is the reason why the day before yesterday Palazzo Chigi opted for a denial, albeit not categorical, of that draft.

The internal issues of the majority therefore slow everything down. «It seems to me that they have not yet found the square» says Bonaccini to his followers. That decree, however, does not convince him. And not because it excludes him from the list of eligible candidates. In his opinion the text starts from an incorrect setting because it does not foresee the continuity between the emergency and the reconstruction, since it imagines one operating structure for the reconstruction that would only come into play at a later time. Many in the Region are concerned about this government stalling: «There is no strategy» they complain. The impression is that the executive approach starts from "a political problem" and does not grasp the importance, reaffirmed several times by the governor of Emilia-Romagna, "of a strong collaboration between the institutions". Which cannot be limited to just the good relationship between Bonaccini and Melonibut which must be translated into sharing between the various structures to avoid stumbling blocks and delays in reconstruction.

«It would be a mistake to argue for reasons of political affiliation or for electoral calculations ”, the president of the Democratic Party repeats to everyone in recent days. And this, in addition to concern for the fate of his region, is the other reason that convinced Bonaccini to make the best of a bad situation at least in this phase: «I make myself available». Therefore the governor yesterday wanted to emphasize the importance of the meeting with Meloni and von der Leyen: "Our image was the exact opposite of that of a country that often sees politics and institutions fighting for reasons of belonging". However, such availability on the part of Bonaccini must not be misleading. The governor, whatever his role, it won't budge an inch on the front of the needs of his region: "We have the duty to demand from the State the compensation of 100 per 100 of the damages, as it was for the earthquake".

But if the government's "hemming" seems to make Bonaccini nervous, the centre-right, on the other hand, does not seem to be in any hurry to arrive at a solution: «The commissioner for reconstruction will be made when the time is right», the Foreign Minister cut short Antonio Tajani.

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