«My words on the claims? I accuse those who pretend to be what they are not. My projects in Rai have not changed»- Corriere.it

«My words on the claims?  I accuse those who pretend to be what they are not.  My projects in Rai have not changed»- Corriere.it

Of Cesare Zapperi

The actress after the words of her book: «I never expected such a stir. It's just an autobiography. I have seen many well-to-do people pretend to be poor or resigned in order to gain social and cultural recognition. Because you're someone only if you say you're on the left"

“Sinisters are people born rich and middle-class who wish they were born poor in order to appear intelligent. All they care about is being on the right side." To live up to the title of his latest book (Clear and strongedited by Rizzoli),
the Tuscan actress Clare Francini

he certainly doesn't touch it slowly. In a few savory lines, he traces a socio-anthropological profile of a typical figure in the theater of national politics who for days (from his speech on Tuesday to White paper on Rai3) inflames discussions on social networks.

“I never expected such a stir. I am an artist, not a political scientist. I just made some reflections for the sake of the truth. I am fascinated by humanity, I like studying it».

The left won't be so happy. «The leftists - he writes - don't give a damn about communism, Berlinguer, workers, work, rights, theatre, minorities, culture as a revolutionary tool of claim. He is only interested in appearing on the left and therefore on the side of the right ». What a blow, Chiara.

“The book is only an autobiography. I have not written a treatise on politics but set out my observations on sociological categories that I know well. I am referring to people who have had an impact on my private and working life".

She takes it out on the "sinisters" because she was born and raised in a red region.

«It is undeniable, my land has that history. There I grew up, there I was able to observe the behaviors that I indicated in the book».


«I have seen many wealthy people pretending to be poor or humble, in their way of living and dressing, to gain social and cultural recognition. Because you are someone only if you say you are leftist».

Do you consider it a form of hypocrisy?

"No doubt. It is evident that there is a discrepancy between one's condition and the representation that is given to the outside. And when I indicate the "left" I am not referring only to those who are left. I want to focus attention on a social category because I see a lot of opacity, many attempts to confuse the waters in order to always be on the right side».

Does this happen because, as the other party denounces, there is a cultural hegemony of the left in Italy?

"Can be. What is certain is that I see many adopting positions or attitudes only as a function of the search for social recognition. You become maître à penser only if certain theses are supported. And then there are those who pretend to be poor to consider themselves more intelligent and close to the people».

In his book he puts the "left" in the pillory but also takes it out on the "left-handed". What's the difference?

“They don't care about appearing poor or cultured, they don't give a damn. It is enough for them to make a successful film or TV series to be considered intellectuals of reference. They are more cynical and disenchanted than the others».

No point in common?

«Yes, they are united by an extraordinarily style-nouveau conception of the woman as a trinket who has to stay there and be looked at and that's it. For both, the woman cannot have a thought of her own».

His "observations" are very popular with the right.

«Yes, but much more to the left, believe me. A lot of people commented thanking me for writing what many think.

Has the government restricted the spaces of freedom in Rai?

«My artistic projects have not changed one iota. I've never had continuous contracts nor do I frequent Viale Mazzini. Maybe it's too early to make judgements. The appointments are too recent.'

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