The turnover of the main Italian wineries grew by 10%.

The turnover of the main Italian wineries grew by 10%.

Italian wine producers closed 2022 with a 10% increase in turnover, divided between +16.9% for sparkling wines and +8.2% for still wines. The data comes from the survey on the wine sector that the Mediobanca study area has just published, and which includes the 255 main Italian companies with a total turnover of 10.7 billion euros, equal to 89.3% of the revenues of the entire sector. Exports, which grew by 3.1%, go 37% to EU countries, 34% to North America and 26% to Latin America.

The recovery of the tourist flow has favored sales in the Horeca channel (+19.9%) as well as revenues from wine tourism services, which have grown by 67%, so much so that today only 17.5% of companies do not carry out any activity in the cellar. On the other hand, e-commerce is slowing down: in 2022 the online sales of the main wineries decreased by 3.7% and represent only 1.5% of national turnover.

As for the wineries, also for 2022 the sales leadership remains the prerogative of the Cantine Riunite-GIV cooperative group, with a turnover of 698.5 million (+10%); in second place is the newborn wine hub Argea (455.1 million, +9.6%) and in third place Iwb (430 million, +5%). As for profitability, 2022 sees the Tuscan Frescobaldi in the lead, followed by the Venetian Santa Margherita and Terra Moretti. Finally, in 2022 the participation of private equity funds in the capital of the main wineries increased (+63.5% on 2020), reaching 4.6% of the total. On the other hand, 65.8% belongs to family control.

For 2023? Operators are optimistic: they expect overall sales to grow by 3.3%.

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