The Senate approves Cottarelli's resignation. The economist: "Too much conflictual climate, job change"

The Senate approves Cottarelli's resignation.  The economist: "Too much conflictual climate, job change"

The Senate Hall has given the green light to the resignation of Carlo Cottarelli. Palazzo Madama accepted the economist's decision with 113 votes in favour, 31 against and 3 abstentions. "I want to thank the Democratic Party for understanding my motivations and also the majority for not lengthening this thing," he added at the end of the vote. "Sorry if I'm going to do another job, Parliament is the bulwark of democracy in Italy". Cottarelli, elected with the Democratic Party without however being registered, had announced his resignation from Palazzo Madama in controversy with the new dem secretariat. "It is undeniable (just look at the composition of the new Secretariat) that the election of Elly Schlein has moved the Democratic Party further away from the liberal democratic ideas I believe in," he wrote in a letter to Republic.

"Twenty-two days ago I presented my resignation from the Senate after receiving an offer from the Catholic University of Milan to direct an education program in economics and social sciences aimed at high school students from all over Italy". Cottarelli, during his speech in the Hall, explained that the new assignment consists of organizing meetings by important personalities with teachers and students, to offer an idea on their professional future. He also specified that his contribution will be "carried out free of charge, by all the participants". According to the economist, the new post would be "incompatible with working as a senator". "I came to the conclusion - he continued - that it was more useful to the country if I went to direct this program. I don't think I did badly here as a senator, even with your help, even if the climate is a bit too conflictual for the my strings". Also in letter a Republic Cottarelli had argued that he did not find himself in the "strong opposition between the majority and the opposition".

Francesco Boccia, leader of the Democratic Party in the Senate, thanked Cottarelli "for the daily and punctual work done in recent months". And he added: "Choosing him, who impoverishes us and takes something away from us, is an example to all those who, when they decide to leave, forget the communities that allowed them to enter Parliament and choose other paths".

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