The results of the municipal elections in Lombardy: Arese, Gorgonzola, Cologno and Nova Milanese in the centre-left

The results of the municipal elections in Lombardy: Arese, Gorgonzola, Cologno and Nova Milanese in the centre-left

In Lombardy, the center-left makes poker in the ballots and snatches the leadership of Cologno Monzese, a former Lega fort, from the center-right, which however had disheartened the former mayor Angelo Rocchi, who had reapplied all the same out of spite and in the first round had won over 23 percent. The drop in turnout has been confirmedwhich at 3 pm stopped at 44.23 compared to 50.24 in the first round two weeks ago.


In the hinterland, the center-left also won in Arese, where Luca Novoli, who was deputy mayor, was elected with 56.5 percent of the votes against Giovanni Congi, supported in the first round only by the Brothers of Italy and the League, who in the second round stopped at 43.4 percent. The centre-left also wins in Gorgonzola with almost a plebiscite for Ilaria Scaccabarozzi, who was re-elected mayor in the ballot with 57.7 percent of the preferences of the voters who went to vote. Fabio Iannotta supported by the entire center-right, however, did not go beyond 42.2.

Clear affirmation of the center-left also in Nova Milanese, the municipality of Brianza where Fabrizio Pagani had already come close to winning in the first round. In the ballot, when the ballot is complete, he is elected with 54.9, against the 45.1 percent collected by the center-right candidate Elena Maggi. The knot of Bema, the small town in Valtellina where the ballot was necessary because in the first round the two mayoral candidates had arrived tied, was also resolved. The new mayor is Marco Sutti with 56.5 percent of the votes, compared to Giovanna Passamonti, who was voted by 43.4 percent of her fellow citizens.

The regional secretary of the Pd Vinicio Peluffo comments enthusiastically: "In the ballots in Lombardy the center-left wins 4 out of 4 municipalities, confirming itself where it already governed and snatching Cologno Monzese from the center-right, thanks to the excellent work of Stefano Zanelli. In the metropolitan city of Milan, in Arese, Luca Nuvoli in fact succeeds Michela Palestra, while in Gorgonzola Ilaria Scaccabarozzi succeeds Angelo Stucchi. Fabrizio Pagani is confirmed as mayor in the Monza area". For the Piddino exponent it is "an extraordinary result, which adds to the wonderful victories of Brescia and Seregno two weeks ago. An outcome that is not taken for granted, which rewards the work done by our administrators in the area. I thank all the voters for their trust and all the volunteers who haven't stopped for a moment these days. The period is crucial, there are many issues on the table, starting with the Pnrr". Despite the results, the League expresses "great satisfaction" in a note. For a figure that "confirms the excellent state of health of the centre-right".

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