The Renzi Air Force abandoned at Fiumicino airport: a wreck that has been standing still for 5 years. And no one knows what to do with it

The Renzi Air Force abandoned at Fiumicino airport: a wreck that has been standing still for 5 years.  And no one knows what to do with it

A phantom scrap that is rusting, thus reducing theRenzi Air Force, abandoned for five years at Fiumicino airport in front of the former Alitalia hangars. Nobody knows what to do with it.

the Airbus A340-500 with four engines that at the time went around with the livery of the Italian Republic, as a state aircraft it was maliciously renamed by the 5 Star Movement "Air Force Renzi", like the Air Force One supplied to the White House.

Because the Airbus A-340 was leased

In 2018 the then Minister of Transport, Danilo Toninelli, had announced the closure of the lease contract for an Airbus A340-500 signed while Matthew Renzi was head of government. The aircraft was intended to allow non-stop long-distance travel for executive members. Only when the government of With youthe premier dissolved the contract with Etihad Airways.

"Less waste of public money, less unnecessary spending. A sacrosanct decision, anything but symbolic," said the Prime Minister in 2018. The Vice President of the Council Louis DiMaio had exulted a post on the blog of the stars.

The value of the plane

Not even Etihad, the owner of the aircraft, seems to have decided what to do with it. The only certainty is that the more days go by, the less the plane is worth. The A340-500 today is perhaps almost more valuable if broken up and resold in parts, but even in this case it wouldn't bring in more than 2 or 3 million euros.

No one knows what to do with the abandoned plane at Fiumicino

After four governments, the Airbus A340-500 it's still there, parked. And no one has any idea who is responsible for the eventual dismantling. There are no answers to the fate of the aircraft. According to what is reported by the Corriere della Sera an Etihad executive, who asked not to be named, said: "It's still a sensitive issue and nobody wants to come out."

The 12 first class cabins and upholstery of the Airbus

Twelve First Class cabins, 28 Business and 200 Economy, finished in a hangar in 2015, transformed the following year into the state aircraft capable of flying intercontinental routes without having to make intermediate stops. The A340-500 has a range of 16,600 kilometres, while the other aircraft used for the flights of the Italian Prime Minister (an Airbus A319CJ) has a range of approximately 8,600 kilometres.

More than a year after delivery, the upholstery had remained the original Etihad Airlines one: horizontal stripes of a thousand colors that furnish the tourist class as well as the business area intended for officials and diplomats.

The 2016 deal

On 9 June 2016 Alitalia had signed the leasing agreement with Etihad so as to implement the sub-lease agreement that on 17 May, therefore earlier, the Italian carrier had signed with the Ministry of Defence.

State Airbus leased, Gentiloni opens the doors of the 'mystery' to the press

Carmel Lopapa

In 2006, according to Airbus' official price list, the new A340-500 cost $216 million. In 2011 it had reached 262 million dollars. The value of this, according to official documents released long after the agreement, was 150 million euros.

Renzi has never used the A340-500: Gentiloni has

Renzi never used that plane. The only Prime Minister to have used it - and only on one occasion, for the mission to the United States and Canada in 2017 - was Paolo Gentiloni. On that occasion the plane was also opened - for a fee - to journalists traveling with the tenant of Palazzo Chigi.

What does the leasing contract include?

According to the two leasing contracts mentioned in 2018 by former minister Toninelli, the bill for Italy to pay is 150 million euros over eight years, almost 19 million a year. In detail, the leasing item accounts for a good 81 million, maintenance for 31 million, handling for 12 million and 4 million for pilot training.

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