give me time, don't stay all over me -

give me time, don't stay all over me -

Of Maria Theresa Meli

"The Democratic Party says no to everything, how do you convince voters?" asks an MEP. The hypothesis of a mini reshuffle of the secretariat. The request of the dem executives: "Just do it yourself"

It's the first time Elly Schlein has touched defeat with her hand. That of Friuli-Venezia Giulia could not be considered as such, since she had been secretary for less than a month. And her other electoral test was at the 2014 European elections, when the Pd of Matthew Renzi he was full of votes and she arrived in Strasbourg thanks to the success of the then leader of the party. Schlein imagined a different «storytelling» for his secretariat. Now it has to invent a new one because even those within the party who do not attack it directly are asking for a change of course. «The moderate electorate cannot be ignored», he observes Alexander Alfieri, Bonaccinian, responsible for the Reforms. And Elisabetta GualminiMEP, observes: «The Democratic Party says no to everything. No to cutting the tax wedge, now to the premiership (which we launched), No to everything. Adding that we have the fascists in the Government. And our proposals do not understand what they are. How do you convince voters?».

The request of the dem leaders to Schlein is obvious: "Just do it yourself". Someone at the Nazarene thinks that's enough a mini reshuffle of the secretariat to solve the problem, and save Schlein. Remove some loyalists and put in their place an exponent of the strongest currents in the Democratic Party. Of course, in doing so Schlein would be demonstrating considerable weakness. And, in any case, the secretary is asked for more. That is, to give an account of what he does or intends to do to the party, "without deciding any longer in perfect solitude". In the regions presided over by its loyalists, Marta Bonafoni (Lazio), Marco Furfaro and Emiliano Toschi (Tuscany), Francesco Boccia (Puglia), Peppe Provenzano (Sicily) the center-left has lost almost everywhere. Instead, he won in Campania, as Piero De Luca (son of Vincenzo to whom we owe this success) was keen to underline, whom Schlein would like to get rid of from the presidency of the dem group in the Chamber. «If she wants to keep running alone, she will lose alone ”, is the warning that the dem launch to the secretary. She does not react for now, cancels the trip to Brussels and decides to talk to her MEPs on zoom in order to avoid questions from journalists. In the meantime, she meditates a counter-move. The one identified by her, relaunching for the umpteenth time a constituent of the Democratic Party, is put on the field, but it looks weak. «Give me time and it's unfair that they're all over me anyway» sighs the secretary with her parents, as she looks for a way out.

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May 30, 2023 (change May 30, 2023 | 3:51 pm)

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