The justice reform is fine, but we want to know what will become of Pino Insegno

The justice reform is fine, but we want to know what will become of Pino Insegno


What Giorgia Meloni’s friend will do next year is a matter of the utmost importance for the executive: INPS commissioner or Inail? Commissioner for Emilia-Romagna? The seat in the Senate that belonged to Cav.? All can be

While public opinion is distracted by the debate on justice reform, wiretapping and abuse of office, the Meloni government is trying to solve the only problem that is really close to its heart: Pino Insegno. What Giorgia Meloni’s friend will do next year is in fact a matter of utmost importance for the executive – to date there are four coffees taken at Palazzo Chigi in recent months by the well-known voice actor and conductor; rite which, however, only further irritated the subjects involved, perhaps a chamomile tea would have been better. Among the economic indicators, the data on Pino Insegno’s employment is the one that Prime Minister Meloni looks at with the most attention: the stated goal is to reach a +200 percent within the next year, so much so that even Minister Calderone, owner of the Department of Employment, has been urged to provide for a reform that creates more opportunities for those named Pino I teach.

The Rai schedules will be presented on 7 July: but it is feared that the spaces designed by public television may not be sufficient for what, to all intents and purposes, he has now become a government figure, almost institutional; so much so that in recent days, before the appointments of Gelera and D’Ascenzo, the name of Pino Insegno had also been mentioned for the role of INPS or Inail commissioner – roles which, however, the person concerned refused after discovering that “INPS commissioner” and “Commissario Inail” were not two Rai1 fictions. Even the fact that Matteo Salvini, in the last few hours, has recognized Stefano Bonaccini as commissioner for Emilia-Romagna after having so much opposed him in the previous weeks, should be read as a clear political move to prevent a person close to Meloni – Pino Insegno, in fact – was appointed to manage the reconstruction money.

Because money is being debated in great secrecy in the halls of power: the idea is to divert part of the Pnrr funds to Pino Insegno – it seems he would know how to spend it. However, Minister Fitto is not convinced, and even in Brussels they say that it is not enough for him to bring the receipts. Alternatively, Meloni’s ambassadors are negotiating directly with Marina Berlusconi to give Pino Insegno the Senate seat vacated by his late father (“If Luigi Di Maio can be an envoy to the Persian Gulf, then Pino Insegno can enter the Senate”, is the reasoning of the premier’s loyalists). It seems that Giorgia Meloni also spoke about Pino Insegno with Elon Musk and Tom Cruise (both visiting the premier in recent days at Palazzo Chigi): with the first, Meloni wanted to make sure that artificial intelligence will not take away Pino Insegno’s job in the next few years; to Tom Cruise instead the premier Meloni gave the example of Flavio Insinna, inviting the Hollywood star to leave her roles in the future “Top Gun” and “Mission Impossible” to her friend as well as a former member of the Premiata Ditta . Meanwhile, yesterday Meloni also met with the French president Macron, to support Rome’s candidacy for Expo 2030 and Pino Insegno at Sanremo 2025; “Concrete steps taken”, Meloni’s words at the end of the meeting. He was referring to migrants, but who knows… maybe the Mona Lisa passes into the hands of Pino Insegno!


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