the hypothesis of the change at the top (waiting for Lufthansa) -

the hypothesis of the change at the top (waiting for Lufthansa) -

Ita Airways - the tricolor airline that has taken the place of Alitalia - is preparing for changes at the top pending the entry of Lufthansa. The shareholders' meeting - that is, the Treasury, sole shareholder - of Italia Trasporto Aereo Spa, as the company that manages Ita is called, should meet on the afternoon of July 20 in an extraordinary session to appoint the new board of directors which has been in the prorogatio regime since May when it approved the 2022 accounts.

The names

Government sources tell the Courier that until a few hours earlier the idea of ​​a board restricted to three members prevailed - against the current five - in which the only certainty was the confirmation of Antonino Turicchi in the role of executive chairman and manager which led to the finalization of the agreement with Lufthansa as the new industrial partner. For the rest, in the whirlwind of names for the new board of directors, that of Olga Cuccurullo, manager of the Ministry of Economy-Department of the Treasury, appears.

The management

An empty box would remain. From Palazzo Chigi filters the approval of the current outgoing directors, professor Ugo Arrigo and Frances Ouseley - both experts in air transport -, but in the hypothesis of a mini board there would be no room for both. According to what we learn, Fabio Lazzerini shakes that in the event of his exit from the board of directors he would also leave the position of managing director of Ita, while he would keep that of general manager for a while longer.

The agreement with the Germans

The carrier's dossier has always held twists and for this reason everything can change even at the last minute, the sources continue, including the conduct of the meeting itself. The next few weeks will be delicate: Ita Airways will have to prepare for Lufthansa's entry immediately after the EU Antitrust's ok. The agreement signed with the Treasury provides for the entry of the Germans to 41% of Ita with an investment in the capital of the Italian carrier of 325 million euros. The plan then to go up to 90% then 100% by 2033.


They will serve for a few weeks before having the go-ahead from the Competition Directorate-General of the European Commission for Lufthansa to enter Italy. After the green light, the new board of directors will have five members: three of Italian expression (including the president), two of German nomination (including the managing director). Lufthansa is convinced it can bring Ita to breakeven within a couple of years of the start of the relaunch, therefore within the first half of 2026.

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