"The heat is like Covid, we need more smart working and Cig". And here comes the red dot for alert days - Corriere.it

"The heat is like Covid, we need more smart working and Cig".  And here comes the red dot for alert days - Corriere.it

We need a protocol for layoffs and smart working for workers, such as during the Covid-19. Thus the president of Confindustria, Carlo Bonomi, speaking of the theme of the protection of workers in these days of extreme heat. In addition to the layoffs for the jobs most impacted by the heat waves, we are also talking - he underlines - of smart working, therefore expanding again the possibility of resorting to this type of work, in order to allow workers not to move and stay in their homes.

The protocol for the heat

The president of Confindustria explains that the protocol to be reached with the unions, on the model of the one for Covid, should allow for extraordinary solutions in this period that can cover the entire audience of workers. In order to avoid excessive exposure to high temperatures. Thinking of having to put your life at risk because you go to work is something you have to make everyone think, not just a theme of employers' associations, a theme of the trade unions and a theme of the government, concluded Bonomi.

Smart working due to excessive heat

The request for an intervention for the safety of workers also came from the trade unions. Not surprisingly, the Ministry of Labor is evaluating the possibility of extending emergency smart working for the summer months. Intervention for would need a tailor-made law instrument. Minister Calderone said that at the moment there is no regulatory vehicle in which to include it, explaining that this does not mean that it cannot be identified. The alternative is to work on company and union agreements.

The red dots for the heat alert

Meanwhile, to counter the heat emergency, they arrive the red stamps for workers' health. A heat stress prediction system for occupational hazard screening. Inail and Cnr focus on prevention through the Worklimate 2.0 project, making maps and reports available on the website www.worklimate.it. Data indicating the geographical areas where the greatest risks deriving from the heat are concentrated. The danger scale for workers goes from green, no risk, to red, maximum level, passing through yellow and orange, which respectively indicate low and moderate risk.

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