The haste of the opposition on the minimum wage is a mistake, to the benefit of the government

The haste of the opposition on the minimum wage is a mistake, to the benefit of the government

Attending the debate in the Labor Commission pdl of the opposition (minus Iv) on the minimum wage, a question arises spontaneously Elly Schlein and her occasional “travel companions”: was it your intention to achieve the objective of establishing the French SMIC in Italy too or was it enough for you to demonstrate to public opinion that the ugly and bad right is deaf to the cry of pain of millions of underpaid Italians? If the aim was the latter, there was no need to bother. It was enough to ask, perhaps with a direct answer question. The government would have confirmed its opposition without any heartache; on the contrary, he would have recalled the resolution approved by the Chamber (with the abstention of the Third Pole) last December in which this orientation was spelled out clearly: the government was committed to achieving the goal of protecting workers' rights not with the minimum wage, but through other initiatives, since with the legal definition of a minimum wage collective bargaining would have been put at risk, with the serious danger of favoring the trend towards a decrease in hours worked, an increase in undeclared work and unemployment. If, on the other hand, the objective was precisely to establish a legal minimum wage in Italy as well, we should conclude with the words of the prelate played by Nino Manfredi in the film In the name of the Pope King: “Vonno will conspire but I'm freaks!''.

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