«The government did not occupy Rai, the law was applied. I expect fresh air»- Corriere.it

«The government did not occupy Rai, the law was applied.  I expect fresh air»- Corriere.it

Of Antonella Baccaro

The journalist: «Up to now the tour company has always been the same, commentators who I don't know how much they really represent the country, given the election results. Fazio and Annunziata? I don't understand them"

From the height of his 50 years of television, played in all possible roles, Giovanni Minoli looks with a certain detachment at the tussle that has broken out on the new Rai. “The situation has its comic sides. TV in June and July looks like the transfer market: players are bought, coaches change, everyone thinks they can win the championship. Then in January the doubts begin and we start again ».

The difference is that in Rai there is politics.

«But what is Rai? Rai is what broadcasts. The product is all that matters. But I hear very little about it."

There is much talk of the political occupation of Rai.

«There is a law, the Renzi, which makes Rai dependent on the current government: it has been applied. Point".

What was housing development like in the First Republic?

«It was attributable to DC, PCI, PSI. There were three competing goals and each competed with the best professionals: Biagi, Santoro, Lerner, Minoli. There was pluralism and quality».

And now?

"The electoral law has changed and this has had repercussions on political confrontation and on Rai, where the Renzi law has done one good thing: the government chooses the CEO who has the task of synthesizing pluralism".

Do you see pluralism now?

"Why not? Nothing happened yet. There is a CEO and a general manager, inside Rai, who have to restart a company that has been motionless for three years, quickly and well, with all eyes fixed on them and many prejudices. The same ones that weigh on Meloni who, however, is taking them all apart ».

Meanwhile Fazio and Annunziata have left Rai.

«Two professional gentlemen who, for personal reasons, have left. The first had a negotiation going on for months. The second leaves because she does not agree with this government: but if she has been network director with any government and Rai president with Prime Minister Berlusconi! I wish them all the best but I don't understand them."

Meloni of Rai said: "I want to free Italian culture from an intolerant system of power, in which you couldn't work if you didn't declare yourself a certain political party".

"But it is so. Until now, the tour company has always been the same: commentators who I don't know how much they really represent the country, given the election results. Now I expect to see fresh air: new authors, new programs».

In three years, that's how long the Rai top management lasts, can a narrative be constructed?

“No, in your third year you can barely tell who you are. As for the narration, it is not the result of the Tg. Public opinion changes on the basis of emotional stimuli: fiction and entertainment programs matter more».

And in fact the Sanremo festival has become the center of attention.

«Yes, with many exploitations. After that, one thing needs to be clarified: today's programs are directed more by television agents than by Rai structure managers. But did anyone really know that Ferragni would use the footage from Sanremo for Prime? They command. They have no limits."

How did this superpower start?

«With Pierluigi Celli: when from personnel manager he became general manager he found it easier to produce in outsourcing».

Do you know the new CEO Roberto Sergio?

"Certain. He is a man of mediation and common sense. Let's see if he has the "grace of state" ».

He would like to bring the public service back to the centre.

"Very good. It still makes sense for Rai to do a public service but without chasing ratings. The other public TV stations in Europe are satisfied with a share of 25-30%».

But the fee is not enough.

«In the meantime, the fee should be kept in the bill. Then yes, advertising is necessary but it is also necessary to rationalize costs: is it possible that 80% of Rai's PrimeTime is produced externally? With 12,000 employees and I don't know how many executives? Less would be enough, but of quality. People who know how to compete on an equal footing with the Benignis and the Baglionis. Otherwise, Rai is destined to end up like Alitalia».

Today is the latest installment of Mixer. What was it like putting it back on the air all these years later?

“I shouldn't have to say it, but it exceeded expectations. It is proof that when you invest in a good product, you never stop reaping the benefits. How could it even be for We are the storywhich in 2012 won the world Oscar for historical disclosure».

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