the goal is to strengthen the Italian role -

the goal is to strengthen the Italian role -

Of Maurice Caprara

Today in Rome the international conference. The premier: "Yes to a cooperative approach"

Giorgia Meloni is interested in arriving with a international profile active and not resigned at the meeting with US President Joe Biden, scheduled for next Thursday in Washington. Functional to this, for the prime minister, is that her participation in the NATO summit unequivocally placed pro-Ukrainian on 11 and 12 July in Vilnius, and his presence in the confrontation between the European Union and Latin America last Tuesday in Brussels, followed by an appointment planned for last spring with the intention of consolidating Italy's role in the Mediterranean and in relation to Africa. A role that has been subject to dangerous erosion for years due to the strengthening of other protagonists, from Turkey to Russia, from the Emirates to China.

This afternoon the Prime Minister will speak at the Farnesina at the Before
«International Conference on Development and Migration». Conceived by Giorgia Meloni, the meeting was convened not by chance on the eve of the second United Nations summit on food systems which, from tomorrow to Wednesday, will bring a stream of illustrious guests to Rome: almost a couple of dozen heads of state and government, the UN secretary general Antonio Guterrescrowds of ministers and representatives of more than 160 countries expected to discuss how to achieve the goal of eliminating hunger by 2030 while 783 million people currently suffer from it.

«I think this is another great Italian success because we will have over 20 Middle Eastern, European and Mediterranean countries, 16 heads of state and governmentten international organizations», said Meloni al Tg1 without sparing consideration for the operation you wanted which today will last an afternoon at the Farnesina. «All together to address the issue of migration, understand how to help the countries from which migrants leave, understand how to stop human trafficking. And it's a cooperative model,” she added on the conference.

As often happens in international politics and beyond, the substance must be sought in the nuances. The very title given to the conference stands out from the tendency to associate migrations especially to pitfalls for the safety. It will be the debate and the line that Italy will then follow that will give the measure of what will actually happen. A step in this direction was taken on 7 July with a decree from the Prime Minister which, based on a labor demand estimated at 833 thousand unitsforecasts a total of 425,000 entries of foreigners in Italy between the current year and 2025.

I am 83,439, according to the Ministry of the Interior, the migrants who landed in Italy from last January 1st. In the whole of 2022 there were fewer than 40 thousand. More than on the country as a whole, because so many of the foreigners and refugeesi enter Italy for other destinations in Europe, the increase puts pressure on the political forces that had made a distinctive feature of the intention to contain the flows. «I want to stop illegal immigration permanently», Meloni said yesterday, exposing himself to the risk of setting himself an unattainable goal for anyone. However, the claim of a "cooperative" approach is not fortuitous.

Although the background of the 2024 European elections prevents us from predicting the linearity of a course correction on immigration, it is a president of the Council who is no longer the leader of the opposition who speaks. Today's appointment has no last-minute origins. Last year, Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani acted to ensure that Rome was chosen, despite the various European candidates, as the venue for the appointment on food entrusted to three UN agencies with headquarters in Italy: the fao for food and agriculture, the World Food Programme wfp and the International Fund for Agricultural Development Ifad. On the basis of this, the Prime Minister has set herself the conference on migration, potentially benefiting from the flow of international representatives arriving. Barring surprises, at the Foreign Ministry the European Commission and Council presidents should stand out mostly, Ursula von der Leyen and Charles Michel.

The conference it will have no power to allocate funds or to coordinate the use of those established by the participating countries. In the intentions of Palazzo Chigi, it is thestarting a journey, of a way to signal an approach. Seen from the outside, it can essentially be summarized as follows: greater development in the most disadvantaged parts of the Mediterranean and Africa, less migration to Italy. Both today and at the FAO, imaginative petitions of principle will run parallel to more or less evident competitions between states.

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