the denunciation of Minister Urso and the attack by

the denunciation of Minister Urso and the attack by

Rai and the Report investigations end up under accusation at Palazzo Chigi, during the meeting between Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni and the social partners, while reforms and Pnrr are discussed. The topic was brought up by the president of Coldiretti, Ettore Prandini, who, as a premise of respect the freedom of the press and public service, he told Meloni that the transmission of Sigfrido Ranucci would discredit agricultural entrepreneurs, referring to a service on farmers that was broadcast. Even the president of Confagricoltura Massimiliano Giansanti complained to the prime minister that state television cannot host programs that damage the reputation of Italian companies.

Accusations of forgery

An attack that adds to that of the Minister of Enterprise Adolfo Urso, who denounced the Report for blatant falsehoods contained in a service of the broadcast about him, and that of Senator Maurizio Gasparri (FI), who hopes for the intervention of the Supervisory Commission . The unpublished episode of Palazzo Chigi signals the incandescent climate around Rai, in a delicate moment in which the framework of the broadcasts that will make up the autumn programming is being formulated. Among these, Report , which is being discussed not so much the confirmation, which is taken for granted, but the location.

The editorial board

This morning there will be a first meeting of the editorial committee that the CEO Roberto Sergio wanted for all the genre directors, plus those of distribution and marketing, to discuss the new schedules. Beppe Caschetto was allegedly spotted in Viale Mazzini, agent of well-known television faces, including the disputed Nicola Porro. Firm points on the great chapters (who will replace Fabio Fazio and Lucia Annunziata) are difficult to pin down, also because the placement of a program cannot be decided in isolation.

Amadeus in San Remo

Instead, Amadeus wanted to put a firm point about the indiscretion that gave him irritation due to the interference of Rai emissaries on the casting of Sanremo Giovani. Yesterday he called Fiorello live, during Viva Rai2! at the request of the latter. The brief exchange of jokes seemed aimed precisely at quelling further rumors of disagreements between the conductor of the Sanremo and Rai. There are no secret agents monitoring anything, Amadeus said. And Fiorello (who communicates live every day with the seventh floor of viale Mazzini) punctuated, pIt was once very seriously: Amadeus has total freedom of choice. Absolutely - confirmed the other - we have been working serenely with the CEO for some time....

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