Intesa Sanpaolo, performance bonus from 1,020 to 2,750 euros: there is an agreement -

Intesa Sanpaolo, performance bonus from 1,020 to 2,750 euros: there is an agreement -

New agreement for the banking group led by Carlo Messina who signed an agreement with the unions for the variable performance bonus for 2023. Agreements also reached on the tasks of the Commercial Policy and Company Climate Commission and for an additional payment in the time bank for personnel in the flooded areas of Emilia Romagna, Marche and Tuscany and for organized voluntary work in Turin and Milan. The objective of the agreement signed with the trade union organizations on the variable performance bonus is to encourage the involvement and participation of people in the group's objectives, thus confirming the principles of inclusion, merit and orientation towards sustainable results over time envisaged in the Management Plan Enterprise 2022-2025.

The total amount of 155 million euros

How does the agreement work? The group will increase the total amount earmarked for the 2023 plan to 155 million euros, of which 25 million euros come from the experimental incorporation into the bonus system of the Protection Excellence System, which had not previously been the subject of negotiation. The amount of the recognized basic prize ranges from a minimum of 1020 euros to a maximum of 2750 euros, to which the shares of the excellence prize will be added. The variable result bonus is a recognition of the professionalism and commitment made by each person of Intesa Sanpaolo to the Bank's achievement of results, said the institution. In 2022 the amount was 116 million.

An increase of 54% compared to 2021

an important signal in favor of all Intesa Sanpaolo colleagues, says Paolo Citterio, Fabi coordinator at Intesa Sanpaolo. The basic amounts - he said - are in fact further raised compared to the past with an increase of 54% compared to 2021 and 28% compared to 2022. This is certainly a positive result, highlights Fedele Trotta, secretary in charge of First Cisl of the group.

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